Is Washington in Meltdown Over its Foreign Policy? (Video)

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad

We discuss the White House claim that potential evidence exists to suggest that Syria is preparing for another chemical weapons attack on some future date, something which has been refuted by Syrian authorities.



  1. they have already exposed themselves by announcing this. Seymour Hersh has an article out about the lie of the first false flag chem attack. This helps to expose and possibly stop this next potential false flag chem attack.

  2. The BBC were reporting on this a couple of days ago. The whole thing smacks of desperation and my first thought on hearing this story was, here comes another FF!

  3. If the Russian shoots down the missiles as they leave the ships…embarrassing in the extreme. Same for the B1 attack from the Gulf. This is September 2018.
    They are determined to show the world they are a “stuffed eagle.”

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