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We often get requests from readers who ask us if we can help them regarding their financial investments, specifically precious metals. Since we are not legally allowed to give such advice we unfortunately are unable to help anyone with these matters. However, one of our good friends and members, Sonny Rains, happens to be a certified financial planner based in the US who is therefore legally allowed to offer such advice. Upon discussion with him, we have decided to advertise his services on our site and in return split any revenue generated from these services on a 50/50 basis, which is a very kind gesture on his behalf to support our work.

If you are interested and you would like to read more information, a document is enclosed below which contains information specific to precious metal investments:

If you wish to contact Sonny please find all his details within this document. We will not reproduce them here due to the risk of spamming.

You can also listen to this podcast that we recorded with Sonny:


We trust you will find his advice constructive and valuable as he always has his clients’ best interests at heart. We would not make such a recommendation if we thought otherwise.



Please note that The Sirius Report is not liable for any investment decisions that you may choose to make. Those are between you and your financial advisor should you choose to avail yourself of their services.


  1. I’m interested in reading the Sonny Rains pdf. Clicking on the link leads to “file not found”. For your information.

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