Why the Trump Administration Takes Cybersecurity Seriously

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on cyber security today in what he has called a top priority for his administration. The order is looking at reviewing the government’s offensive and defensive cyber capabilities.

This needs to be placed in the context of the many storylines which dogged the US presidential campaign with regards to hacking and the leaking of Democrat emails. US intelligence agencies determined that this was a deliberate attempt to damage the reputation of Hillary Clinton, which was hardly rocket science.

During the election campaign, Trump referred to the fact that the US clearly gets hacked by many countries and individuals.

The precise details of this executive order are unclear as yet but it is expected that there will be an audit of several federal agencies’ cyber capabilities, a requirement to enhance protection of critical infrastructure and review policies to ensure that they have a technically sophisticated workforce. Critically, it is also looking at encouraging private sectors corporations and businesses to adopt a similar review to implement best security practice measures.

I recently put out a short video on our new “London Paul” YouTube channel, which has largely been overlooked. I would suggest people take a listen. The reason I posted it was because it really is a hugely critical aspect of global security in the future. Those agencies who seek to profit enormously from such activities could finance groups who would look to destabilise nations or create global conflict relating to cybercrime.

You can view the video below:





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