Russian Electronic Warfare Technology is Reshaping Western Attitudes

Russia, via electronic warfare technology, continues to demonstrate that they are light years ahead in terms of military technology and hardware. In recent war games conducted, Krasuhka-S4 operators scrambled the navigation systems and the targeting capability of high-precision weapons used by Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers, who played the role of enemy aircraft, during the military drills. As a result of this, the simulated enemy was unable to identify their targets and launch corresponding airstrikes. These drills are part of a coordinated effort to significantly increase the production of military equipment utilising electronic warfare systems.

The Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) have manufactured a wide array of advanced electronic warfare systems, including the Krasuhka-S4. Currently around 100 Su-34 fighter bombers are equipped with Khibiny-10V systems which impede the ability of air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles to detect these aircraft by a margin of around 30%. In addition these systems have been deployed on Russian Su-34s and Su-30SMs in Syria.

Russia has also been developing the Tarantul aircraft electronic countermeasures system for the last decade which is now in the test phase of development. This system will be utilised by Su-34s to protect other combat aircraft from enemy radar.

The Krasukha-S4 has a range of 300 kilometres and is designed to counter airborne early warning control systems and other airborne radar systems. The capabilities of the Krasukha are wide-ranging, including the disruption of low Earth orbit satellites, permanent damage to radio-electronic devices and the targeting of ground-based radar systems.

Developments are also underway to expand its capabilities to include targets at very high altitudes, up to and including outer space with the intention of jamming spy satellites and creating what effectively is a dead zone around the satellite which is also impervious to detection.

Russia, who alone possesses these systems, sees the development of such electronic warfare systems as a mechanism for maintaining technological superiority, principally in aerial and naval weaponry. Human intervention is minimal which greatly reduces the reaction time to a particular threat.

The most famous example of the utilisation of such technology was in 2014 when the USS Donald Cook’s on-board radar and electronics were jammed, reportedly by a Su-24 jet over the Black Sea.

Back in 2011, a US drone was captured by the Iranian military and whilst there was no official confirmation it is understood that this was downed by an electronic warfare system, provided most likely by Russia.

We have recently also seen a spate of incidents with US warships being hit by cargo vessels which arguably also raises the question of interference utilising such systems.

Russia continues to showcase such advanced technologies in e.g. Syria which has redefined Western attitudes towards foreign policy in the sphere of military intervention and combat.  We should also not underestimate the impact that such technologies have had on shaping the multipolar world.


  1. As a retired US Marine I'm glad Russia has finally put the corrupt US government in it's place. They (our government) are a danger to the world and the American Republic.

    • Hi Randy,

      First a sincere thank you for your service to the United States! You are very appreciated.

      2nd, I consistently wonder to myself how strange it feels to have my hopes for the future placed in the "communist" stats of Russia and China. It's either a very different world than the one I grew up in, or I grossly misunderstood the world at that time. I'm sure it's a bit of both.

      Thank you again!


  2. Amazing to imagine watfare in a decades time, or much sooner? Previous methods (a la USA deepstate) is almost innate to an entire generation. Almost difficult to imagine, even though we are now seeing it with our own eyes.. Love your reporting as always, a real contrast to MSM

  3. Mr. London Paul, thanks for being brave enough to share truths for those willing to listen. The real truth is as deep as the universe is wide. Those of us who know some things, still wonder how will this all end. The deep state as they are called by some sure do seem unbeatable. Thanks for your calm voice in all this mess.

  4. Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the information disseminated via your podcasts - extremely informative, rational and unbiased - keep up the good work!!

  5. Hopefully, with the advancement of these high tech warfare solutions, the crazies in America will hesitate to strike anyone at their whims. Even Trump has proven to be deep the pockets of those who are really in control. Thankfully, we have the Russians (to a smaller extent, China) to tell them to play nice.

  6. Does this mean Mad Dog WW3 has now been postponed, on hold or “move on, nothing to see here?”
    Putin may one day be known as the man who saved planet earth. Old China mate will be known as as the man that ivented ,”Business without bombs! “ I like that in a Statesman!

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