Large-scale Cyberattack Is Spreading Around The Globe

Photo Credit: Photo by HTSABO

Today, news came out that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) was targeted by a cyberattack. In five areas across the UK, IT and phone systems were taken down. The hackers demanded a ransom to the tune of $300 in Bitcoin, to be paid in 3 days or the price would be doubled and if not paid within 7 days, they claimed the files would forever be lost.

The NHS stated that they shut their IT systems down immediately upon becoming aware of the problem and that they declared a major internal incident to make sure that patients in the trust’s hospitals continued to receive the care they need.

Sixteen NHS hospitals have been affected by the attack and GP practices are also understood to have been affected.

According to a statement made by NHS Digital, patient data has not been accessed.

In further news, the same ransomware was also reported to be spreading around the globe, affecting over 50,000 computers and 74 countries around the world and the numbers are still growing.

This is precisely why we have made such a big play about the risks of cybercrime. What is apparent to us is that most people don’t share our concerns. Hopefully, after this worldwide attack everyone will think differently.

Most people’s focus seems to be on conventional warfare, but in a recent YouTube clip we posed the question if cybercrime will be the hot war of the 21st century. In many senses, that was purely a rhetorical question because from our perspective this is absolutely the case.

Sometimes it may appear that we are posting dry, uninteresting subject matters when in fact they are very relevant and pertinent in these ever-changing times.

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