For our unique content we draw upon more than twenty years of experience within the financial/business sector, backed by intelligence and analysis from our network of trusted high-level sources from all over the globe, who have an impeccable track record of getting things right. This puts us in a unique position to provide you with the most current in-depth intelligence and analysis on geopolitical and financial events. We work very hard on a daily basis to make sure that we can give our subscribers the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible.


In-depth analysis of daily events

We provide in-depth topical analysis of current geopolitical and financial events that are shaping a new global multipolar paradigm.

Clear, no-nonsense delivery of information

With our calm, no-nonsense delivery of information, we avoid the sensationalism and baseless speculation that is so prevalent in alternative media.

Full access to all previous podcasts

Upon subscribing, you will have full access to every podcast we have released since we started our podcast subscription service in October 2016.

Five episodes a week

We release five new podcast episodes every week and each episode is 10 to 15 minutes long. We try to give as much information as possible within that timeframe.

Exclusive content

Unlike many other premium content websites who give their best information away for free, we reserve our best information exclusively for our subscribers.

Only $4.75/month

Yes that really is all! There are no hidden fees. We aim to keep our service very affordable as we want the information to be accessible to as many people as possible.

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“I have found the podcast service to be even more valuable than the website, or the interviews on Rogue Money. This is not totally unexpected, as I grasp information via the podcast format much better. Paul’s cool and composed delivery makes it very easy to follow his logic. I learn as much in 10 minutes from Paul as I do in a full hour interview with Jim Willie or the other analysts I follow. I must be very discerning when evaluating information and sources of information as I have millions of dollars of client funds on the line. The Sirius Report podcast has quickly become my number one source of information. I know I can trust both the facts and the analysis. This subscription is more valuable and less expensive than any of my other subscriptions.”
Sonny RainsCFP®
“The Sirius Report Podcasts have become a source of up to date information for me to keep up in a complex world. Paul’s information is at the cutting edge of world events, well ahead of other once a week interviews which repeat the same information over and over. In 10 minute bites of daily updates, Paul disperses the alternative and MSM fear porn with reality checks. It is nourishing for inquiring minds.”
“Thank you for the daily podcasts that significantly smooth and clarify the chaotic and murky waters of disinformation – with the truth, the facts and with a reality that is grounded. I greatly appreciate your calm delivery of information upon which we can form intelligent conclusions, not jump to unfounded confusions.”


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