We start today assessing the dilemma that the US and its western allies are now facing with respect to Ukraine and Israel. We then move onto assessing Wang’s arrival in Washington today in terms of US-China relations. We then discuss why cooperation between Beijing and Mongolia is another indication of the enormous changes that are now underway in terms of China’s domestic economy and how it supports the BRI. We then move onto why China is making huge moves in terms of securing external resources as the commodities war hots up globally. We then assess recent announcements made by Saudi with respect to China and how there was a clear indication that China and Saudi Arabia intend using new innovative payment mechanisms amongst many other developments. We then assess why the Pentagon is deeply concerned about new Chinese submarine technology could give them an unprecedented advantage. We then move onto Russia and how the Pentagon is also equally alarmed at new technology it has seen operational in Ukraine and also due to further military cooperation between Russia and Iran.

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