We start today’s double podcast discussing Europe and with respect to France who is now seeking to become top dog in Europe which is putting it at loggerheads with Germany, the European Commission and the US. We then move onto discussing how France and Germany are effectively in an energy war with each other as Berlin fears that France is seeking to take advantage of their own self-inflicted wounds caused by their idiotic energy policies. We then highlight why it is now proven beyond all doubt that the green revolution is unable to be a viable proposition because there are simply insufficient minerals, resources and metals to me the demand required, never mind the lack of investment and the need for subsidies which is completely unsustainable. We then move onto financials and discuss why we have reached the end of the finance model whereby companies are seeking to finance operations today with loans based on future forecasts. We conclude discussing why EU, UK and US banks are still stalling on implementing banking regulations which were supposed to be in place by January 2021.

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