We start today's double podcast discussing recent developments in the Chinese gold markets and also in relation to the potential arbitrage that this presents between the Western paper markets and the Chinese physical market. We dispel the myths doing the rounds in the west with regards to this and provide an inside track on the thinking inside the SGE and what they are observing currently. We then discuss why there is a dynamic shift in global golds markets since the pandemic and why that it is now accelerating as highlighted by a recent JPM report. We also extend this analysis to the Chinese silver markets which is being driven by acute industrial demand which is also contradicting the Western narrative about the Chinese economy. The analysis of the gold and silver markets in China illustrates why it is putting additional strain on the Comex and the LBMA and why it also puts them in a quandary. We conclude assessing gold developments in terms of buying and why this is occurring in spite of conventional wisdom suggesting that buying gold in the last 12 months was not the right decision.

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