We devote today’s double podcast to the 15th BRICS Summit and start by providing a brief historical overview of the BRICS, how the institution is not solely about an annual summit and ongoing historical initiatives. We then move onto discussing the key points of the Johannesburg 2 declaration in some detail and which reflects our ongoing discussions about what developments we expected to see coming to fruition in recent years. We then move onto a few points from the readout in support of the Johannesburg 2 declaration and further observations from the summit. We then move onto the subject of BRICS enlargement to include an adoption of the criteria to allow nations to join and the additional 6 members who have joined. We conclude assessing current trade between the BRICS nation and the future role of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB). In the next podcast we will access developments in terms of a new currency, the potential of the new nations joining the group, credit ratings and other developments.

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