We start today’s double podcast discussing a major development between China and Saudi Arabia which demonstrates how the financial world is going to be reshaped in dramatic ways. We then move onto Algeria as yet another African nation decides to set its own course of modernization and shaking of the colonial empire days, in this case in terms of its relations with China and Iran. We then move onto a development which may offer us a glimmer of hope that relations between the US and China are beginning to improve and then discuss how China is revolutionizing the world of agriculture. We then move onto discussing the semiconductor sector and how US allies are now publicly questioning US policy decisions with respect to China in this sector and how Taiwan itself may have affirmed our long held suspicion that the US motive with respect to Taiwan, has nothing to do with wanting conflict with China itself. We conclude assessing the fallout of the Ukraine peace summit in Jeddah and why Ukraine is beginning to test the patience of the US with respect to the ongoing war.

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