Palisades Gold Radio Interview: Part 2 – The Decline of US Military Power & Fissures Developing Within NATO

In the second half of this interview, Paul dives into the recent interview with Tucker Carlson, reflecting on the significance of Vladimir Putin’s discussion on a range of topics. While many expected the interview to be a game changer, Paul argues that it did not provide any new information and criticizes Putin’s history lesson as self-indulgent. He suggests that Carlson could have asked tougher questions. Paul believes that the interview, while it may have rattled some in the West, was not as groundbreaking as people believed. He points out that other events, such as Putin’s 2018 speech on Russia’s military capabilities, have had more significant implications.

Paul then discusses the lessons NATO has learned from the war in Ukraine. He argues that NATO initially underestimated Russia’s military capability and has now come to realize its strength. He also dismisses the belief that Russia wants to recreate the Soviet Union and invade the Baltic republics. Paul predicts that if Ukraine loses the war, NATO will face division and its future will be in doubt. He also suggests that there will be political fallout within Ukraine and among European nations, potentially leading to the rise of populist governments and questioning the future of the European Union. Paul explains the difference between a war and a special military operation and emphasizes that Russia is conducting a special military operation in Ukraine. He highlights the importance of avoiding a situation where Russia declares war on Ukraine to prevent further escalation and a potential global nuclear war. He acknowledges growing concerns within the US about financing the war and emphasizes the need to end the conflict due to its devastating impact on the Ukrainian people. Lastly, Paul argues that the US has lost its military power and is facing numerous challenges and conflicts that it cannot effectively manage. Despite this, he believes that if the US faces reality and adapts, it can still be a great nation amongst equals. He encourages listeners to be informed about global events and mentions his podcast, which releases five episodes per week.

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