Interview with Pascal Najadi: Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, EU and NATO

Pascal Najadi joins us for a discussion on Swiss politics and how he is seeking to restore Swiss neutrality via his policy initiative. Further topics of discussion include Germany and German politics, including his view that Alice Weidel offers a real alternative to the current political status quo in Germany, and his assessment on the war in Ukraine and how it will impact NATO and the EU now and in the future.

Pascal Najadi is an international investment banker and, as a director of the Dresdner Bank Group, London, was responsible for Central Asia, Russia, Africa, Central Europe and the Middle East. He is interested in international affairs and civic debate in Switzerland. He also produced the film “Grounding” about the bankruptcy of Swissair. He currently lives in Switzerland in retirement.

Watch the interview here:

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  1. Excellent interview! Having lived in Germany and spent lots of time in Switzerland as well I'm very interested in a realistic Swiss perspective and the goings-on in the German speaking countries. Great to learn more about Alice Weidel as well.
    Thank you!

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