Interview on The Northern Miner Podcast: Trust, multipolarity, energy, war and gold—takeaways from 2022

In the latest episode of The Northern Miner Podcast, Paul discusses the major themes of 2022, including the global move towards multipolarity, the EU’s energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, the increasing importance of gold, and further developments in BRICS+. He also discusses the diminishing sense of trust between the West and the Global South.

Listen to the interview here.


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  1. love the analysis and educated opinion Paul. i think it was you who i'd heard jim willie talking about, that was very long ago, a decade or more. i'm very glad to have found your site. very strange days have found us, here and now...we seem to be teetering on the precipice of world war. here in canada, it's not at all good, trudeau, obsessed with climate is genocidal, but even more disturbing is that so many really believe the bs, that humanity is a cancer on the world.
    i'm retired now, and my construction company no longer operational for a few reasons. since i was quite active in music many years ago, i thought i might save my time for playing blues in various venues in vancouver ca. i was not impressed with the bs-19, told people not to get tested, maybe just an IQ test. couldn't believe how many of these supposedly dedicated players ran from the stage at the slightest hint of "the cold". said they lived to play and yet abandoned it tout de suite. i was so disappointed...i've re-invented myself several times, but am getting very tired. living on my pension was barely possible including my modest income playing music. now i'm slowly going under, and i can barely stand being around them now. my only safety net is a few thousand ounces of ag, and several platinum.

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