Interview on Geopolitics & Empire: The Decline of Unipolarity Began in 1929, Multipolarity is the Real Reset

In this interview with Geopolitics & Empire, Paul discusses the decline of the United States and unipolarity which began with The Great Depression. Since then, the West has created massive asset bubbles and inflation. Multipolarity gained momentum with BRICS in 2009 and soon after that the $400 billion deal between Russia and China signaled a significant move toward de-dollarization. Paul further discusses how Russia has attained military superiority and that there won’t be a Third World War. He also discusses the idea that WEF’s Great Reset is a plot to take over the world and the idea of a Social Credit system. He concludes by discussing how the new multipolar world will likely have a currency backed by a basket of commodities.

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  1. I don't entirely agree that unipolarity started in 1929, I think it took WWII and the defeat of Germany to seal that in. The US was not convinced until about half way through the war that Germany would lose and so they were planning for a bipolar world with Germany as the European Pole and the US as the American pole. In the interwar period Britain and France still had empires and the Sterling was a major currency. Europe had a a lot of influence and controlled the Middle at and Suez Canal. WWII ended all that.

    When the war ended with the US as the last man standing it was clear that a form of uni-polarity had emerged. It was a unipolarity that was somewhat constrained because of the cold war which tended to keep some of the worst excesses of US exceptionalism in check apart from their activities in central America.

    When the USSR fell the American elites so congratulated themselves, that all restraint on their hubris, exceptionalism and the perception of themselves as Allbright's "Indespensible Nation" was removed. We then got unipolarity on steroids along with the mess that such a situation creates.

    The decline of the US empire started in the mid 70's and was the fight back of the rich against Samual Huntington's "excess of democracy", which resurected the class war the US elites had exercised on the working class from Independence, which Roosevelt put on hold to get through the depression and then WWII.

    With the Lewis Powell memorandum and its implementation, corporate America destroyed the unions, took over the media, destroyed public media, took over the universities and killed off the liberal class.

    Powell started it, Reagan promoted it and Clinton finished the job with NAFTA, the neutering of the FAA and the Omnibus Crimes Bill that enabled the police to lock up excess labour and put it to work in jails. Not to leave out the dismemberment of Glass-Steagal and the complete dis-regulation of the financial sector.

    As Sheldon Wolin very accurately described in "Democracy Inc" we got an Inverted Totalitarian Dictatorship in the USA, with ordinary voters becoming completely disenfranchised. The government, no matter which party is in power does not have the consent of the governed. Government is bought and paid for by the kleptocracy that now runs the US. The worst of these is the Military Industrial Complex and it is the reason that the USA has a military unfit for purpose and which is inferior to Russia and quite possibly with the exception of its submarines, inferior to China's.

    It is interesting that most empires at the start of their decline engage in irrational and ill planned conflicts on their way down and it generally is one such conflict in that pattern that can be identified as the one that signals the end. For the Athenians 2400 years ago it was the Battle of Aegospotami, for the US it will be Ukraine.

    Nothing can last forever and things that don't last forever don't.

    • """""Nothing can last forever and things that don’t last forever don’t."""""

      TRUTH lasts FOREVER. Learn TRUTH and be eternally vigilant of your government.

  2. Robert, I concur with alot of what you have said, although I would tend to pick the 60s as a decade of inflection in the US Empire.
    After JFK we had the embedding of the Deep State along with LBJs profligate spending on Vietnam and Great Society programs marking the accelerated destruction of the USD.
    Closing the Gold window in 71 was the bookend of this decade. The wicked genius of the Petrodollar kept the financial system on life support for nearly 40 years until the GFC.
    Having said that, perhaps the seeds of demise were sown in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve System. The roaring 20s and the Guns and Butter of the 60s were both symptoms of an unconstitutional, dishonest monetary system - the real poison in the chalice? An argument could be mounted that everything else; government overreach, looting in the financial sector, the rise of the MIC, an unhealthy nexus between Govt and big business etc are all symptoms of a monetary system with no accountability.

  3. US government is not that stupid, they are controlled by the British pilgrim society/ city of London/rothschilds/ masonic lodges/zionism/Globalists. This shift in power was predicted in jan, 1962 by David-Ben-Gurion in an interview in look magazine.
    nice show. London

  4. in the 1990s Rothschilds built the "Supreme Court of Mankind" in jeruSALEM, that court is of MASONIC design. I wished this wasn`t true, but I`m afraid it is. There is a plan here and the west is screwed, unless we act. I do agree, it won`t work as we are more knowledgeable than they know.
    again, good show.

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