A Secret Health ‘Booster’ For the Elites?


It has come to our attention that there exists a secret advanced health technology or medicine, also referred to as a ‘booster’, which can heal people within a matter of weeks from the likes of cancer and other illnesses or ailments.

It was said that this method is only available to the super-wealthy or the elite, such as world leaders, who come to an undisclosed location annually to receive their ‘boosters’.

We appreciate that further proof needs to be provided in order for the general public to accept this as reality, however we can say that this information came from a trusted source who has had personal experience with this ‘medicine’.

Unfortunately, so far this is all we have on this subject at this time. If more information becomes available regarding this subject we will of course provide updates.


  1. Sounds like it could be like a DNA “reset.” If it’s only available now to those with unlimited financial means (called super-wealthy, elites, and those who fall into those categories of power because of great wealth), might their financial contributions towards their own well-being, possibly be “invested” in its release for the future well-being of Humanity? Or is this just another case of the “rich getting richer” but by using one another to achieve each one’s own specific desires? One possesses the secret to life, while the other possesses the money to pay for the secret, and life — to each other’s mutual benefit, Humanity being a non-issue.

  2. Balance in health is simple not complex.

    Corrective maintenance is what our bodies do naturally.

    Cells need to keep a capacity and sometimes need a boost.

    That kind of boost is with, chi.

  3. To Julian: Unfortunately for us (but not for the future of mankind) what “our bodies do naturally” is after our reproduction age, say around 40 to 5o or so, is for our bodies to start winding down, i.e. aging allowing the aged to be replaced by the young. Personally, I hope this never changes.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Was just reading this article, any further information on this. Wonder why Steve Jobs didn’t have it.

  5. In one of your podcasts you criticised the current discussions on climate change and its connections to CO2. Just some thoughts… It is not an issue of CO2 or not – it is a question about balance. Research has shown that an increase of 1 C of world average temperature can lower the efficiency of the photosynthesis by about 20% and thus even more if the increase are higher. So high average temperatures are more or less a guarantee that starvation will increase. Another issue is the reference to processes that are based on orbits, relationships by planets, variances in cosmic radiation etc. which Russian researches has proven to have a frequental impact on earths climate. This is as I see it proven. But the issue here is that there are two systems working in parallel – one based on aggregation and the other based on frequency. Once the planetary systems frequency based impacts by cooler weather decreases according to the trends the aggregated levels of CO2 can have a drastic impact. I can understand that Russian actors do not want to see a drastic lowering of fossil fuel consumption and thus their references to the cosmic events. But one should always try to lower ones impacts as much as possible – regardless of process and situation.

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