Who Are the ‘White Hats’?

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First of all, in our opinion the term ‘white hats’ isn’t very accurate, because this is most commonly used to refer to so-called good guys in the Pentagon. The reality is that most of these people operate not in the US, but in other parts of the world. Also, we find that a lot of information that has come out in the alternative media regarding the actions of these supposed white hats is questionable to say the least. Hardly have any promises or predictions from these white hats actually come to pass.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the real ‘white hats’, meaning people around the globe who are taking action against the cabal, operate like ghosts. These people don’t exist. This doesn’t mean they literally don’t exist, but what it means is that they are extremely obscure and do not like to be referenced. They go about their business quietly and don’t make a big fuss about it. It’s not an ego trip for them. Most of us are so used to people in alternative media who claim to have intel shouting it from the rooftops and making themselves out to be the person on top of the food chain who has all the answers to everything that we almost can’t imagine that maybe the real movers and shakers are actually the complete opposite of this. If they weren’t their very lives would be in danger.

There is also an idea going around that suggests that these ‘white hats’ are part of a loose alliance of some sort. This is inaccurate. There is a very coordinated effort underway, and has been for years, to remove the cabal. There are groups of people all around the world who are doing this in a concerted effort. They may have some different perspectives and viewpoints, but the general consensus is that they want to get humanity out of this mess.

A question that might arise is: ‘what do these people have that we don’t have?’ The answer to that is quite simple. They just happen to be in a position where they can affect change. There are many Trojan horses everywhere. One may then ask: how do we know we can trust these people? And why do they have the right to do this, because it’s not as if they’ve been elected. That is a very valid question and one that cannot be fully answered. The unfortunate truth is that this is war situation and the people who are working behind the scenes cannot take the risk of exposing themselves. We cannot have democratic elections to decide who gets to do this at this point in time. Only after the cabal is removed will that be possible. Although it should be noted that these people are working directly with elected officials such as Putin and other world leaders. This is the reality of the situation, whether we like it or not. What we can say though from our own perspective is that what was stated above is not guesswork on our behalf. We have no reason to doubt the integrity of these people. That may not be much of an answer, but it’s all that can be said about it at this point.


  1. It’s good to note that the “good guys” aren’t writing blogs and doing interviews or webcasts competing for popularity. What’s even more absurd is the number of people who continue to buy into this nonsense waiting for the next juicy update exposing all their good deeds for the whole world to see. Real intelligence never works this way unless there is some advantage in achieving a particular goal…something we would never now about.

  2. Absolutely right! This is why people should not listen to ANYONE who claims to have intel (Cobra,Keenan,Fulford,Wilcock,Corey). Just be patient, follow the news to see whats happening and read between the lines. Whether you understand what is going on or not is immaterial, its happening anyway so enjoy your life, stay positive and wait to see what happens.

    • I would disagree that “either way doesn’t matter.” I’ve been doing research on all the mess that has to lead up to this moment in history. However, you are right about ‘read between the lines’…You hit the nail right on the head. Watch Americans awake from a long, long sleep.

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