US State Department Reiterates Desire For Regime Change in Syria

The US State Department issued a statement yesterday regarding Syria, reiterating their desire to see political transition, otherwise known as regime change, amid baseless accusations levelled at Damascus and Moscow.

I find it, as a UK citizen, utterly embarrassing to be associated with a communique littered with baseless propaganda and accusations. In addition, in no part do the nations listed take any responsibility for their actions in Syria. To suggest that “the burden rests on Russia to prove it is willing and able to take extraordinary steps to salvage diplomatic efforts” is farcical.

Firstly, the idea that Assad is using chemical weapons lacks any credibility because they continually fail to produce any evidence and we are expected to take their words on face value, when we have seen how often that has proved to be worth absolutely nothing.

What the US State Department fails to say is that the offensive in Eastern Aleppo is against Islamic State terrorists and moderate groups who clearly are working in conjunction with them. This is not being carried out against the people of Syria, who have been terrorised and suffered unspeakable acts of brutality at the hands of IS. What is absolutely clear is that Aleppo is seen by the West as a key battleground in Syria and should they regain control of this city, it will almost certainly lead to the end of the civil war and Assad, who they wish to see removed, remaining in power.

The recent airstrikes, which killed 62 Syrian soldiers, was not a mistake but a blatant act of aggression by the US coalition, designed to provoke a reaction from Damascus and Moscow. It can be no coincidence that in the immediate aftermath of these airstrikes, IS launched an offensive. This communique has the audacity to talk about the “credibility of their own efforts” when it is reasonable to suggest that they either directly support or through their lack of action indirectly assist IS within Syria. What I would like the US State Department to say is who exactly is providing IS with weapons, logistic support and supplies.  I would also extend that to these so-called moderate groups who also have questionable motives and are seen in some quarters as a front for western designs for regime change in Syria.

Despite the US State Department reaffirming their commitment to see the destruction of the Da’esh and Nusra Front we have seen little evidence of this commitment or capability to deal with these terrorist groups over the last four years.

With regards to the issue of humanitarian access, Russia recorded over 50 ceasefire violations in one single 24 hour period and there was no acknowledgment or comment made by the US State Department with regards to who was committing these violations and the precise nature of these incidents. There is no evidence that the Assad government is blocking humanitarian  efforts. It is clear that the recent bombing of the UN humanitarian aid convey was carried out by terrorist groups and certainly not Russia, who provided video evidence showing the nature of the attack, which clearly shows that they were not Russian airstrikes as inferred by US officials. The Russian military released drone footage of a pickup truck carrying a heavy mortar and driving past the humanitarian convoy in question is shown below.



What is quite clear is that Washington sees Aleppo as a key to their aims in removing Assad. The fact they have called upon the UN Security Council to address the brutality, particularly in relation to Aleppo is a clear signal that this is the case. The recent airstrikes and the bombing of the UN aid convoy, which has had the subservient western media salivating at the prospect of blaming Russia, are clear evidence that Washington is losing their war in Syria and their desperation to reverse this outcome is palpable.

Their calls for having limited patience at, “Russia’s continued inability or unwillingness to adhere to its commitments,” is symptomatic of their annoyance that Russia has been dealing with IS, which has plausible links to Washington, and is at the point of bringing about a key turning point in a bloody civil war that has Washington’s fingerprints all over it.

It is time that Western nations such as France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the High Representatives of the European Union stop standing behind such statements which are an insult to the intelligence of the people of their nations and furthermore they cease to be complicit in the actions of Washington, which history will show to be utterly reprehensible.  They have zero desire for democracy and wish to remove any government who refuses to acquiesce to their demands through propaganda, fabrication and outright lies.

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