Turkey Continues to Rotate East and violates NATO Accords?

In light of the failed coup, which Turkey saw as a CIA plot, to overthrow Erdogan, it has just signed trade deals with Russia which will be made in non-dollar terms. However, in perhaps the most astonishing move to date it appears that Turkey is buying weapons that have been manufactured in Russia, which is in clear violation of its NATO accords. Clearly we have to watch this particular development closely as it will be, at best, extremely embarrassing for the Western alliance but potentially it could lead to the removal of Turkey from NATO.



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  1. Interesting -- "potentially it could lead to the removal of Turkey from NATO." Much better than Turkey being led around by NATO. Instead of being kicked like a can down the road to war, Turkey appears to have given itself a kick in its own butt -- right off the warpath and onto the avenue of a more golden and promising future.

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