Turkey Coup a CIA Plot and Tip-off By the Russians?

Firstly, we need to look at recent events to perhaps better understand and gauge want went on during the failed coup attempt in Turkey. It is very easy to jump to conclusions, which can lead us off on a train of thought that is tangential to the direction we ought to be heading.

We have seen in recent weeks an attempt by Erdogan to normalise relations with both Russia and Syria. Given the context of events in Syria including the shooting down of the Russian jet and Turkey’s obvious implication in dealings with the likes of ISIS, this represented a profound 180-degree shift, which clearly will have angered their masters in Washington.

So let’s fast forward to last Friday night. Firstly, Erdogan was apparently on holiday which, whilst it is entirely feasible, it is equally likely that he was away because of prior knowledge of this coup attempt which in order to have any real chance of success would require his arrest and detention.

As a side note, it was interesting to see that the Western media were suggesting Erdogan attempted to gain asylum in Germany and when that was refused he apparently made his way to London. Those claims both appear to be false.

I would suggest that Russian intelligence found out that there was a coup planned in Turkey and they informed Erdogan who then ensured he was out of the direct firing line at the time the coup was instigated.
With all that in mind I would suggest it was a CIA backed coup because they wished to overthrow Erdogan because of his 180-degree shift towards Russia and Syria. The fact that Erdogan blamed the US exiled cleric, Fethullah Gulen, suggests he was aware of the US involvement even if he pointed the finger in the wrong direction.

So let’s now turn our attention to Kerry, who perhaps coincidentally was visiting Lavrov in Moscow at the time this coup happened, or perhaps not.

We have seen Kerry softening the US stance towards Russia and Syria in recent weeks, which seems at odds with US intelligence sources, likely to be the CIA. It is entirely possible that he visited Moscow to provide US intelligence to Russia regarding this proposed US led coup. There is no doubt that there has been an ongoing cold war between the CIA and the US administration for some time over Syria and elsewhere which I would now suggest has become a hot one over Turkey given it is a NATO member state.

There is little doubt in my mind that the elements within the US administration now desire cooperation and normalisation of relations with the likes of Russia and also China. This flies in the face of the Langley initiatives in the Middle East and beyond, now including Europe as witnessed by the Nice attack and others before it in France.

If my assertions are correct then a foiled CIA plot is another defeat for the cabal and a very important one. We shall see in the coming days and weeks what the fallout is over this matter but there is no doubt other attempts to destabilise Turkey are likely to occur.

The urgency and clearly ill prepared attempt at a coup are another indication that the cabal are in full-blown panic mode now and desperate because time is rapidly running out for them. What perhaps they still fail to grasp, in some quarters, is that whatever they try to do now is a futile exercise because a new paradigm is birthing of which they and their ilk can and will play no part in its future development.


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