No More Excuses Mr President, Rein In Your Egregious Foreign Policy

Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from Azaz, Syria [Public domain]

We have spoken on many occasions since the start of the Syrian war with regards to the role the Trump and Obama administrations, have played via the United States and its allies, in aiding and abetting so-called moderates in that country. There is irrefutable evidence, dating back years that the US has been utilising them as proxies in what is now a forlorn attempt to remove Assad from power.

We should also note that the Russian Ministry of Defence has also repeatedly asserted that US-controlled camps have been used to train militants who then join militias designated by the west as legitimate forces in the Syrian war. Similar accusations have also been made by the Syrians.

In the latest round of accusations, Moscow is now accusing the US and their affiliates of seizing the illegal oil trade from Daesh. They have stated that the US has been providing arms and intelligence in exchange for the illegal production and transportation of oil from Syrian owned fields.

In another development, and once again something we have previously discussed, Russia claims that the US has been training and arming, tactical groups, to conduct missions inside Syria solely to try and attempt to destabilise the country. This also includes attacks within the de-militarised zones in Southern Syria.

In addition, and something we have previously reported also, the US has done absolutely nothing to alleviate the humanitarian issues at the Rukban refugee camp, which is situated near the US military base at at-Tanf, in Southern Syria. Reports of civilian deaths also continue at this camp.

We have only recently reported that these militia groups are continuing to target Russian forces at the Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia. Serious questions need to be asked as to who is providing these militias groups with rocket launcher systems and drones. Furthermore, is it just a coincidence that hundreds of attacks have occurred in US controlled areas in the last two months, killing hundreds of civilians?

Regrettably this is yet another example of the utterly dysfunctional nature of US foreign policy, in that on the one hand Trump has alluded to the fact that he wants US forces brought home and to leave the theatre of conflict in Syria. However on the other hand we are seeing blatant attempts by elements within Washington and the US military to try and continue stoking tensions and the war in Syria. This has resulted in the loss of civilian lives and attempts to place the Syrian people under immense hardship through sanctions.

When is Trump going to seize control of US foreign policy instead of letting these war hawks run amok inside his administration? The time for excuses is over Mr President, it is long overdue that you rein in this egregious behaviour. Furthermore it is time Trump’s supporters also begin to ask the same questions and demand answers because this is most certainly not draining the swamp.


  1. I would have thought that the US forign policy was a written document made long before Trump arrived and not something easily modified by a standing president!? I would bet too that Israel had a BIG influence in the writing of this policy. When you borrow money you are required to sign agreements to the lender. In Trumps case I would imagine he is in serious debt to Jewish Zionist Bankers and they have him by the proverbial short and curly's. Go figure.

  2. Big money in war, the answer collapse the dollar, comes to mind, what a Roman Philosopher Cicero said all those years ago,
    The sinews of war are infinite money, whats changed.

  3. I am a big fan of the Sirius Report and look forward to your regular reporting. However, as this very report exemplifies, I believe you are being way too hard on Trump regarding the Neocon people and policies coming out of his administration. If you add up the Democrats in Congress with the known Neocon Republicans, you easily have the numbers needed to completely put him out of business. Somewhat going along with the nasty business that the Neocons go for, has to be a necessary evil to keep him in office. In my mind, he is treading a fine line to keep the US out of WW3 and hopefully live to see the day that these dirt bags finally enjoy their just reward.

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