Trump Signs Away Safety Regulations on GMO Food

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order, which reduces or eliminates safety regulations for genetically engineered plants and animals to enter the food supply.

Currently, the way in which genetically engineered plants and animals are regulated depends on the exact methods used to produce them.

The US Department of Agriculture has already proposed to change its regulation in a way that would have allowed a large part of the GMO corn and soy grown in the US today to enter the food supply without special oversight.

In addition, under this new rule, crops that have been produced with newer gene-editing technologies also would not automatically be subject to any special oversight. In theory, gene-editing could be used to alter plants and animals in ways that would never happen in nature and without oversight, this could have very serious consequences.

Currently, trading with countries that have stricter regulations on GMO food could be restricted for US companies unless those trading partners adopt similar policies and unsurprisingly, Trump’s executive order notes that the government should “urge trading partners to adopt similar regulatory approaches.”

One of the biggest causes of concern is that regulatory oversight for genetically engineered animals will also be reduced, with all the associated risks this could pose in the future, both for consumers and animals.

One has to wonder what drove Trump to sign this executive order. In our opinion, this illustrates that Trump either simply does not have the US consumer’s health and safety interests at heart or that he has totally lost control of his presidency. In any case, either willingly or unwillingly, he seems to have made a complete U-turn from his originally intended policies and questions have to be asked as to why.

When Trump was elected and during the beginning stages of his presidency, we too believed that he posed a serious threat to the cabal/deep state and that there was actually a chance that the US would finally be steered in the right direction, towards the multipolar world paradigm. However, it soon became increasingly obvious that that was not happening and in fact, Trump has driven a major wedge between the US and its allies and most important trading partners, such as China and the EU.

His MAGA policy seems to be overwhelmingly unipolar in its approach and continues to isolate the US on the world stage and therefore greatly jeopardizes America’s future. This new executive order will only contribute to that, as nations are likely to limit food imports from the US out of health and safety concerns and ultimately, this will only further accelerate the decline of the US economy.


  1. Myself I don't believe nought what they say, comes from a farmer showing is fat cows off, the reporter asked about the skinny one in the bunch, he replied thats for our freezer, wife does not believe in giving them drugs, says it all?
    People are so,so stupid, chemicals in drugs kill you, big pharma is killing people, the agenda of doctors is not good, just mercury is a killer, ask for a flue jab and you will get some and maybe some aluma with it.

  2. Disgusting. Trump obviously does not consider the health and wellbeing of his people important at all. Another good reason to isolate the USA.

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