Syria and the Uncomfortable Truth the West Must Embrace

As ever in these situations there is the Western media rhetoric that in this case Assad is an evil dictator who needs to be removed. However, this should immediately give rise to a pause for reflection in our understanding of the geopolitical events that always underpin such an attitude to any apparent erstwhile leader. After all, why do we turn a blind eye to such people for many years and then suddenly their actions become intolerable in the eyes of Western governments and their media who, as we know, are both controlled by a cabal whose intentions are the real driver in such actions.

I have described elsewhere that the cabal operate under the guise of an unholy trinity of death, destruction and grand larceny, which applies to any nation who do not acquiesce to their demands. They do not care one iota for the people of nations such as Syria, they are merely pawns in a ruthless game underpinned by a desire to control resources by the implementation of a Central bank which acts as a seemingly benign conduit to support a nations financial interests.

So why does the cabal truly seek to instigate regime change in Syria and install a Western sympathetic regime? In this case the reasons are twofold. Firstly Russia has had a monopoly on gas supplies piped to Europe, which is a cauldron of cabal control through the European Union. Russia is clearly a nation who are opposed to cabal control and are unwilling to cooperate with them and are at the forefront of this new paradigm which will be a multipolar world in stark contrast to that which exists now.

Historically the cabal sought to provide an alternative gas pipeline through Turkey into Europe with supplies principally coming from Iraq, which is why it is no coincidence that they also sought to exact regime change in that nation via the removal of Saddam Hussein. After all, the cabal’s primary objective is to gain control of global resources. However, Saddams biggest sin was to wish to sell oil in Euros instead of dollars, something the cabal historically has seen as crossing the red line.

However, keys nations such as Turkmenistan did not comply, the former doing gas deals with Russia and Iran refused to allow the pipelines to go through its territories, so they decided that the pipelines would have to go through Iraq and Syria instead. However, the costs proved to be prohibitive, as they could not compete economically with Russia, so those plans were shelved before they even took off.

The plan then was to pipe gas from the cabal puppet state of Qatar via Syria and Turkey, but Syria refused and so began the demonization of Assad and his regime leading to a protracted bloody conflict with enormous death and destruction latterly via the western backed, trained and financed ISIS who swept across Syria with a view to taking control of Damascus and removing Assad.

However, Russia had other ideas and began an offensive last autumn in conjunction with Syrian and Iranian forces with devastating success, which has now seen ISIS largely destroyed, leaving cabal plans in tatters given Syria was also an integral part of a wider offensive to redraw the maps of the Middle East to suit their long held ambitions in this region.

Russia’s military superiority has meant that the US and NATO have had to back away from this conflict. For a brief period of time Saudi Arabia expressed an intention to invade Syria with their own armed forces but they quickly moved away from their jingoistic position with regards to that nation. The same could also be said of Turkey but they too quickly realised that they faced seemingly certain annihilation should they choose to proceed with incursions into Syria. What is now irrefutable is that Turkey has been acquiring cheap oil from ISIS and been offering them a corridor to enter Syria, as well as supplying them with arms and other equipment.

In recent weeks we have seen a softening in the Turkish stance towards Syria with a desire to normalise relations between these two nations. Furthermore, after their apology for the downing of the Russian Jet in Syrian airspace, Turkey has sought to also restore political and economic ties with Russia. Clearly these actions could be catalytic events leading to the complete restructuring of the geo-political map in the Middle East and also the future capability of the likes of ISIS.

With that in mind it should therefore come as no surprise that a failed coup to remove Erdogan recently occurred. The fallout will continue for some time, but already we have seen overtures from the US to remove Turkey from NATO and the FAA decision to ban all flights between Turkey and the US indefinitely. These actions appear, on face value, to be a tit for tat move because Turkey cut the power supply to the Incirlik base. However, it would appear to run far deeper than that. For more information on this subject, please refer to the article on the Turkish coup.

The second part of this twofold desire to instigate regime change in Syria and what has further compounded Syria’s woes is that they have enormous offshore oil and gas fields, which is why Russia, China and Iran are seeking to protect Assad from the cabal who are desperate to acquire control of these resources. As ever, the answer to all these conundrums lies in the cabal’s insatiable desire to acquire resources at any costs. However they are now fully in retreat and as seen in Syria, they are about to suffer a crushing defeat in keeping with their imminent global demise.

For sure the back-story is far bigger than what is written in this post but it is important that people of the world understand that the cabalists have zero interest in seeking democracy in Syria or any other nation. They merely look to seize their assets and resources at any cost and this is the truth that the mainstream media intentionally seek to hide from the people and is perhaps the most damning aspect of this torrid affair. As I have said on the radio, historically beware any nation which has enormous profitable resources, because the cabal will come and take whatever measures they feel necessary to seize control. Fortunately those days are now numbered but the costs to the likes of Syria are sadly incalculable.

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