Russian MOD Reveals Images Of US Forces Near To Daesh Operations

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MOD) have published a series of images which appear to indicate that US Special Forces have enabled the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to advance unopposed through Daesh operational areas.

The following aerial photographs, courtesy of the Russian MOD, were taken in the period 8th to the 12th September which appear to show a significant number of American Hummer vehicles which are used by US Special Forces.

It is alleged that by moving unopposed through Daesh held areas the SDF were able to advance along the left shore of the Euphrates River towards Deir_ez_Zor. The images would appear to show clear evidence that US Special forces are located in Daesh strongholds with no evidence of any US coalition offensives to drive out the Daesh operatives. This would also suggest that the US coalition forces are able to move freely in and out of these Daesh controlled areas with no fear of attack.

The release of these images is a clear indication that as far as Moscow is concerned the gloves are now off. Whilst there is no doubt there has been extensive cooperation and back channels created, between Moscow and Washington, during ongoing operational activities inside Syria, they have grown tired of elements inside the US intelligence services who appear to be, at the very least, permitting Daesh operations to go unchecked.

What we can also say is that there is no doubt that these images are but a warning shot across the bows of Washington because Moscow will, in all likelihood, possess further and potentially more incriminating and highly damaging material. Whilst Washington will deny such claims and suggested these images are unreliable, the fallout at governmental and international levels will be significant. It is therefore imperative that the Trump administration privately addresses these and other operational issues inside Syria. otherwise the risk is yet further isolation of the US on the world stage.






  1. Absolutely no surprise to learn of such activities by US intelligence. US is self destructive with the continued support of proxy forces. China and Russia will only accelerate the demise of the petro-dollar.

  2. Trump is just reeling from one confrontation to another, trying to stay alive in The Swamp as different power groups bat him back and forth like a helpless badminton shuttlecock. This message is not to him. I believe it is aimed directly at the real actors in the Deep State. It's a very public pronouncement. The Russians have been mainly courteous to all US factions in Syria until now. Not any more. The Deep State actors are coming right into their crosshairs. The Pentagon will soon have to make a decision about rescuing their brothers working for the Deep State - or letting the Russians tear them apart. I doubt The Pentagon has a choice. They're far to weak to come to their rescue anyway.

  3. I noticed lieftenant general Valey Asapov was killed the other day, and also the Americans just delivered a pile of weapons to the Kurds. Makes me wonder how much more of this b.s. will the Russians put up with.

  4. When we referring to "the U.S", shouldn't we really be adding Israel too. Lets face it, Israel & the Banker cabal control the US & pretty much the western world, for how much longer we wait to see. We all need to be out there waking people up faster & in larger numbers.

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