40 Reasons Why the Financial Reset Is on the Horizon – Part One

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We will highlight some key initiatives and developments that demonstrate why the Financial Reset is now very much on the horizon. This is the first part in a series to illustrate the extent of change we are witnessing across the globe that is ushering in the new paradigm.

  1. Russia signed military cooperation deals with Egypt, Bolivia, Tanzania and Qatar
  2. Impending run on Gold after the Deutsche and Xetra Gold debacle
  3. Severe stress anticipated in the gold markets in the coming weeks
  4. Saudi and Russian oil cooperation MOU signed suggests the end of US OPEC dominance
  5. US commercial bankruptcies soared. In August bankruptcy filings were up 44% from September last year, the low point in this multi-year cycle, and up 29% from August last year
  6. The Federal Reserve has run out of ammunition. By implication when compared to rate cuts during previous recessions the Fed would have to cut interest rates to a minimum of -6% which would destroy the financial system
  7. There were 94,708,000 Americans not participating in the labour force in May, an increase of 664,000 from the previous month
  8. The total balance of all outstanding US auto loans reached $1.027 trillion between April 1 and June 30, the second consecutive quarter that it surpassed the $1-trillion mark
  9. Germany’s exports fell by 10% and imports by 6.5%, year on year. German exports to other EU countries fell by 7% in July, while imports from the region fell by 4.5%. German trade outside EU showed exports fell by 13.8% and imports by 10.1%
  10. Hanjin, the world’s 7th largest container shipper filed for bankruptcy as global supply chains are paralysed and assets are frozen
  11. EU and Portugal agree 5bln euro bailout for CGD bank
  12. Italian and German banks remain in the spotlight as the risk of systemic failure in Europe grows
  13. The Bank of Japan looks to be implementing QE to infinity during September
  14. We are witnessing cash shortages throughout the financial system
  15. De-dollarisation continues as Iran and Pakistan are planning to ditch the US Dollar
  16. German savers begin to lose faith in the banks and are stashing cash at home
  17. Dissension amongst European nations continues to grow with respect to the ECB and Washington
  18. Greece is struggling to implement the bailout reforms demanded by creditors in exchange for continued loan pay-outs, and is hoping to start talks by the end of the year for more lenient debt repayment terms
  19. The much vaunted economic collapse of China has failed to materialise
  20. The TTP and TTIP treaties are dead in the water
  21. Russia is winning the war in Syria in conjunction with China and Iran
  22. The key swing nations, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey continue to rotate east and away from their Washington vassal status
  23. Russia’s economy continues to recover, despite the ongoing sanctions imposed against them
  24. Indian and Chinese relations continue to grow
  25. Washington considers renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act
  26. Venezuela and Brazil have failed to default thus far
  27. Failure to ignite full-blown wars in Ukraine and the South China Sea
  28. Central bank policy failure has become irrefutable
  29. BREXIT vote will be deeply damaging to US banks
  30. Equity markets are insanely over-priced
  31. US budget deficit continues to grow out of control
  32. Hacking scandals are deeply damaging to Washington
  33. Oil prices below $50 per barrel are wrecking US oil and shale oil companies and US banks
  34. Reputations of the US Department of Justice and the US State Department are in tatters
  35. Rifts continue to grow within the ranks of NATO after the failed Turkish coup
  36. Merkel’s popularity continues to fall, after the recent election defeats for her party
  37. Impending issuance of Gold Trade Notes
  38. Spectre of the return of the gold standard, with the gold backed Yuan and followed by the Ruble
  39. The emergence of Iran continues
  40. US isolation continues as witnessed by the diplomatic row that ensued after Obama’s arrival at the recent G20 summit in Hangzhou China

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    • Of course it can be isolated. Systems are now in place that bypass Swift Trading System, the IMF, World Bank, and the Euro Central Bank.

      Why would countries want to deal with US, when are paid of in Treasury Bills, that is worthless paper, and never become destination currency. US prints phony money and receieving countries have to accept for ever?

      I think not. The crash will start in the EU, and spread to the US. Everybody that left the dollar mobile, will be safe.

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