Is a False Flag Event Being Prepared In The Middle East?

Recent developments in the Middle East with respect to the purge of Saudi officials will continue to grab the headlines. Last Saturday, King Salman issued a royal decree establishing a new anti-corruption committee and duly appointed his son, Mohammed Bin Sultan, as its chairman. What followed was the immediate arrest and detainment of eleven princes, senior government officials and prominent businessmen.

However, from my perspective this is largely somewhat of a distraction from a series of events unfolding. Already it has the hallmarks of being a catalyst for an upcoming event which could have devastating consequences in the Middle East.

The resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri was greeted by a tirade against Iran and Hezbollah and had all the hallmarks of a speech which was pre-written by someone in Riyadh. This was followed by the launch of a missile attack initially blamed on Houthi rebels in Yemen, which nearly hit King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. The subsequent announcement that the rocket was an attempt on Hariri’s life was both telling and utterly preposterous. The narrative then switched to it being Hezbollah and then that Iran was waging war against Saudi Arabia.

What is quite clear is that there is a desire to steer the narrative, which will undoubtedly permeate the Western media in due course that both Hezbollah and Iran are the aggressors in the region. There is an historical precedent which could legitimately lead to the conclusion that this is in preparation for what might be termed a “false flag event” designed to implicate the Iranians and Hezbollah. After all, a concerted media campaign to support such a narrative could be used to justify the conclusion as to who was responsible without a shred of credible evidence to support such claims.

What is clear is if such a false flag event occurred, it would be used to frame Iran and would therefore have to be carried out in the Middle East. If we use the Gulf of Tonkin as an historical precedence for such an attack then would it seem unreasonable to assume that a member of the US fleet could be sunk in the Persian Gulf and blamed on Iran? The next few weeks are likely to provide us with a very clear indication if that is a possibility. We will only have to look to the media to unwittingly telegraph such a move which if it occurs, would indeed have devastating consequences for the region and beyond.












  1. Agreed. Iran has been the Cabal's target for years. Hoping this will not happen, but as you say we must wait and watch the desperate moves of the Cabal.

  2. Israel is utterly desperate to drag the US (by the nose) to war,
    We have to find better ways to bring this to the public's attention,
    is there some kind of "promo youtube" / DVD upload that can be done, short & sharp That exposes Israel ( proof of their past crimes against us) & then make it viral or perhaps some flyers that can be printed & left around so people will see/read etc.
    This Iranian False Flag must be pre-empted & stopped, as once it breaks out, the truth will be the first casualty & the herd will follow blindly to their own slaughter as always... think remembrance day as one example.

  3. In New Zealand, via the BBC, the MSM is reporting that Hezbollah and the evil Assad in Syria are producing bulk captegon to enhance the soldiers fighting ability. This has the smell of utter crap to me.See this: Indeed reminiscent of true Christian values.Also Assad has proven to be one of the more enlightened and moderate of the Middle Eastern leaders.
    Once one becomes attuned to the propaganda spewed by the Western Media it is difficult to have anything but contempt for these low-lifes

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