A Concise View of Ukraine Since the Coup of 2014

The Ukraine western backed coup and subsequent civil war was a pivotal moment when the acceleration to remove the cabal began in earnest via China and Russia, not least because this was a clear attempt to drag Russia into a protracted military conflict and via economic sanctions to bankrupt Russia.

This was a clear attempt at bringing down Putin and in the ensuing chaos look to promote positive regime change sympathetic to the cabal. This would have driven a wedge between Russia and China and in the process damage the new paradigm probably irreparably.

However, this was always destined to fail as Putin was aware of this coup a year before it was implemented and therefore took the necessary steps to divest trade and bilateral partnerships as well as not being dragged into military action in Ukraine. When via the move to impose sanctions on Russia they were essentially saying that Russia could no longer trade with the dollar Russia duly obliged and said ‘fine’ and in the process contributed to its demise as the global reserve currency.

Today Ukraine is suffering what happens to all nations caught up in conflicts engineered by the cabal, namely economic, political and social ruin coupled with divisions within that nation which can never be healed. As ever the divide and conquer agenda is paramount to the cabal to achieve their aims and sadly humanity continually falls for this with devastating consequences for nations, their people and beyond.

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