40 Reasons Why China Is Pivotal in the Financial Reset – Part Two

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In part two, we assess why China is pivotal in the financial reset and present some of the Chinese initiatives that are bringing about an acceleration towards the new paradigm and the global financial reset. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it provides some insight into the pace and breadth of changes which are all critical components in piecing together what is going on at this time. In part three we will look at Russia’s role and the breathtaking changes that have happened in the last two months.

  1. In just three decades China’s economy has moved towards business innovation
  2. The capital outflow from China was and is about acquiring assets
  3. China is successfully rotating its economy e.g. revision of its economic strategy to cut the dependency on cheap labour and foreign investment to build factories in China. The new model is focusing on the domestic market and its growth potential
  4. China continues to dump US treasuries which are being hidden
  5. China is investing in the UK, e.g. Birmingham and Sheffield, and is in discussions to create a free trade zone
  6. Renminbi Hubs in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan
  7. Creation and expansion of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone
  8. China’s central bank continues to expand its pilot scheme for Cross Border Financing
  9. Expansion in the Shanghai Gold Exchange as it seeks to become the major global gold trading centre
  10. China’s green bond initiative is expanding. Green bonds are fixed financial instruments issued by governments, multi-national banks or corporations to raise money for environmental purposes. In the first six months of 2016, green bonds totalling 75 billion yuan were issued.
  11. China’s expansion of issuing offshore yuan denominated bonds
  12. The value of Panda Bonds issued in the first half of 2016 is 29 billion yuan which is more than double than that issued in the whole of 2015. Panda bonds are Chinese yuan-denominated bonds from a non-Chinese issuer and sold in China
  13. China launched its yuan denominated gold price fix in April. In its first month the trading volume was 105.91 metric tons of gold kilo bars, corresponding to a turnover of 27.94 billion Yuan and an average daily trading volume of 4.81 metric tons. 5% of the gold traded was physically settled
  14. China’s first refrigerated-container train recently left for Moscow from northeast China’s Dalian, marking the opening of a new transport link between the two countries
  15. China successfully launched the first satellite for mobile telecommunication. The Tiantong-01 satellite was launched at southwestern China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Centre, with the Long March-3B carrier rocket.
  16. China’s COSCO Shipping group completed the acquisition of a 51 percent stake in the Greek port of Piraeus, becoming the controlling shareholder
  17. The Bulgarian government is seeking to strengthen agricultural cooperation with China
  18. Xi Jinping delivered a speech in which he called for a military union with Russia that would render NATO powerless and put an end to the imperialist desires of the West: “The world is on the verge of radical change,” said Jinping. “We see how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as is the US economy. It is all over for the new world order”
  19. Juan Procaccini, president of the Argentina Agency for International Investment and Trade (AAICI), hopes that China will become a strategic partner with its technological capacity, its experience and financing
  20. The IMF has indicated that the Chinese economy is expected to grow 6.6 per cent this year, with the inflation rate rising to 2 per cent, “We have a positive view of China’s growth outlook as China continues to mobilize its very considerable resources and catches up with higher-income economies”
  21. Nearly 20 Russian companies are planning to place bonds in the Chinese stock market via the China Chengxin credit rating agency. According to the chairman of the agency, Yan Yan, among the Russian companies interested in placing bonds in China are government institutions, financial institutions and industrial companies
  22. China has pledged to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people as well as military support for the Syrian government troops in their fight to restore order
  23. China Overseas Development Association’s Russian Center (CODARC) plans to open 300 stores for the sale of Russian products in China
  24. Russia, Mongolia and China have inaugurated a new route for the passage of freight transit vehicles from the port of the Chinese city of Tianjin through the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator to the main city of the Russian Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude
  25. Syngenta takeover by ChemChina has been given the go-ahead by a US regulator. The $43bn (£33bn) deal is set to be the biggest ever foreign takeover by a Chinese company. Clearance was granted by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which checks deals for national security implications
  26. China has a growing foothold in the UK’s North Sea oil fields
  27. The Chinese military base in Djibouti is set to be completed by next year, China has repeatedly expressed that it has no intention of following the US’s example in expanding its global military influence and projecting power over other countries
  28. China and the US are still in frequent discussion about a bilateral trade pact, despite ongoing political and economic challenges Last year, the US trade deficit with China was $336.2 billion
  29. Chinese authorities on Sunday launched a freight train route from country’s southern city of Guangzhou to Russia’s central Kaluga Region, to travel some 7,150 miles to reach the logistics centre in the Vorsino industrial park located near Kaluga
  30. China’s President Xi Jinping believes the G20 summit in Hangzhou will create a new economic growth momentum. “This summit provided solutions that address reasons and causes of the economic problems and help to achieve sustainable and balanced inclusive global growth,” Xi said
  31. Russia’s energy giant Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) signed an engineering, procurement and construction contract to construct a crossing of the Power of Siberia pipeline under the river of Amur
  32. China and India plan to contribute more significantly to the expansion of the world growth, China’s President Xi Jinping said. Xi held a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the G20 summit
  33. Canada strives to strengthen commercial ties with China, focusing on opportunities for small and medium-sized Canadian enterprises, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said following an official visit to Shanghai
  34. Silver Inventories at the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) have risen sharply during the first half of 2016 and China has abolished its ban on imports of silver concentrate ore and its refined concentrates
  35. At the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting, China and the other participating countries focused on the “big picture” of their cooperation on both economic growth and political security
  36. Chinese president Xi Jinping met Russian Federation Council Chair Valentina Matviyenko in Beijing. Her visit aims to promote further cooperation between the Russian Federation Council and China’s National People’s Congress
  37. A Chinese academy for arbitration law proposed to set up a global arbitration research alliance to strengthen exchange in this field. This initiative has been supported by nine arbitration organizations from such countries as the U.K., Japan and Singapore
  38. Chinese rail giant CRRC Corp. announced the launch of operations of its first joint venture plant in India in August
  39. Beijing concerns at what it sees as growing anti-China protectionism, in the west, is forcing their hand to make geopolitical and economic manoeuvres, accelerating the implementation of the new paradigm
  40. A Chinese firm has reportedly developed and tested a radar system that uses quantum entanglement to beat the stealth technology of modern military craft, state media said

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