Further Chemical Weapons Attack Provocation Planned In Syria?

A source, with connections to Special Forces in Syria, has alleged that militants are planning a chemical weapons provocation, near an American base in Deir ez-Zor region, with the cooperation of US intelligence forces in this operation.

“US security services are planning provocations with the use of prohibited substances in Syria. The operation is led by a former militant of the Islamic State, Mishan Idris Hamash. The aim is to stage a chemical attack against civilians to be further spread in the media,” the source was reported as saying.

According to this source, the preparations began on April 23rd, whereby civilians are being shipped to the vicinity of the Jafra oil field to participate in a staged filming of a chemical weapons attack.

In the aftermath of the false flag chemical weapon attacks in Douma on 7th April we warned about the risk that another provocation would be planned, possibly in the vicinity of other areas, which are currently being cleared of militants amid the ongoing battles inside Syria to finally liberate the country. However we also warned about the possibility that a staged chemical weapons attack could be filmed in a militant controlled area with Syrian people.

It is critical that such an event is not allowed to happen and that we do not see another repeat of the western coalition partners response with totally unjustified missile attacks, based on the premise of a similar staged chemical weapons attack.

What is clear is that the risk of such an event remains high given that the Assad government has clearly won the war and the desperation to invoke yet more military action against Syria, to weaken Assad and assist the efforts of these militants, in some desperate last throw of the dice is clearly self-evident. Ironically this should also be obvious to western coalition partners and other nations in the NATO alliance. After all, why would Assad decide to launch a chemical weapons attack when he has essentially won the war and has the vast support of his own people?





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  1. The western powers, along with Israel and SA are absolutely insane. To continue to stage chemical attacks over and over, that are poorly staged and operated by the White Helmets, is like watching a very bad play. Mind control is the best tool they have to manipulate the masses.

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