Brzenzinski Calls for Ties With Russia and China, US Hegemony Is Dead

It is perhaps somewhat indicative of the enormous paradigm shift we are now witnessing, that one of the key players in Washington’s plan for global domination, Zbigniew Brzenzinki, appears to have abandoned this plan and decided that it is time to forge ties with both China and Russia.

In a recent article, which has largely been overlooked by the Western media, published in “The American interest” and entitled “Towards a Global Realignment” he states that powerful members of the policy making establishment no longer believe that it is possible for Washington to prevail in its quest to extend US hegemony through the Middle East and across Asia. Brzenzinski has called for this scheme to be abandoned and a forging of ties with both Russia and China which would have been unthinkable until a relatively short time ago.

It sould been remembered that back in 1997, Brzenzinski published the plans for the global expansion of US hegemony in a book called The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. He points to the following factors as reasons for this dramatic shift in policy, namely the rise of Russia and China coupled with the weakness of Europe.

He still regards the United States as the world’s most powerful entity, politically, economically, and militarily but crucially it is no longer the global imperial power. Whilst this is some concession to the weakening position of the US on a global stage, this author fundamentally disagrees with his assertions about the US being the most powerful global entity as witnessed by the rapid de-dollarisation in the last two years and  the formation of new alliances between nations such as China, Russia, Iran and latterly Turkey. In addition there is no acknowledgment that the US economy has been wrecked by Federal Reserve QE and ZIRP policies since the 2008 crash.

It seems that even people like Brzenzinski have seriously underestimated the rise of the East and the birth of the new paradigm. Perhaps that in itself is a major factor in why the Western cabal is now in total disarray and facing certain defeat, not just in terms of their globalist expansion plans but also in perserving what is left of their existing empire.

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  1. Wow! That's a great find. This cat has always seemed like a total psychopath, but this comment changes my perspective on him. It would probably be quite interesting to research ZB and his background.

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