Bulgaria And China Take Relations To A New Level

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We have spoken before on many occasions about the OBOR (One Belt One Road) or as it is commonly referred to now the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative). Eventually it will expand from Vladivostok in the East to Lisbon, Portugal in the West and North and South. Developments between China and Bulgaria demonstrates another nation’s commitment to this paradigm shift.

Recently the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev attended a four day state visit China where it was announced that Sofia and Beijing had decided to lift state-to-state ties to the level of a strategic partnership. Bulgaria was also one of the first Central and Eastern European countries to sign intergovernmental cooperation agreements with China on the BRI. Beijing is keen to strengthen bilateral relations with Sofia to encompass development strategies, promote infrastructure connectivity, expand trade and investment and enhance people-to-people exchanges.

Radev stated that Bulgaria is ready to strongly participate in the BRI by taking advantage of its location in the region and seeking to become a gateway and hub connecting Europe to Asia. The lifting of bilateral ties to a strategic partnership will enhance those objectives. The expansion of cooperation will include spheres such as trade, transportation, aviation, logistics, finance, innovation, local areas and people-people exchanges and increased investment by Chinese organisations in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria intends giving its full support to multilateralism and World Trade Organization reform. It is also seeking to become a hub to develop European-Chinese relations and cooperation between the Central and Eastern European countries and China.

Xi stressed the need to strengthen exchanges between the two governments, legislative bodies and political parties while being attentive to each other’s core interests and major concerns. Beijing sees Bulgaria as a trusted friend, dependable partner and an important participant and advocate of the cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European countries. Xi also reiterated China’s firm support for the European integration process and Europe’s role in international affairs.

On the final day of his state visit to China, Radev spoke to students at Shanghai University which has, for several years, been developing joint projects with the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Radev was keen to emphasise to the students that, like never before, no nation, no matter how big and strong it perceives itself to be, can handle the challenges the world faces today. Global issues such as security, the fight against poverty and against terrorism require joint efforts and a global response.

Radev also stressed that the establishment of a strategic partnership between Bulgaria and China was precisely a step towards uniting ideas, approaches and actions to foster peace and prosperity. Radev also told the students to enhance their critical thinking and to defend their ideas. He also expressed hope that politicians across the globe will meet with students to better understand their views on the decisions that will shape their future world.

What the west has yet to grasp is that the BRI is far more than just about economic and geopolitical cooperation. It is about defining a new approach to a world which has suffered endless wars, regime change, economic boom and bust and humanitarian displacement and hardship to support an insidious cabal.

The future paradigm shift is in part about a return to sound monetary policy and win-win cooperation, through bilateral and multilateral relations as part of a multipolar world. However more fundamentally it is about a revolution in consciousness for all of humanity and the need to overcome their engrained and indoctrinated views, via the divide and conquer agenda, which has been prevalent for hundreds of years.

The changes that are coming in the next few years will be beyond comprehension, but humanity will need to embrace this tumultuous change otherwise they will be crushed by it. It is going to require enormous endeavour for all nations and their people. If humanity wants to embrace the so-called “golden age” then they are going to have strain every sinew in their bodies to achieve those ambitions. True liberty would after all require nothing less.


  1. Been to Bulgaria, I must admit I kept my hand on my wallet all the time, it was so obvious the mafia run the show, but then again they run the whole show, they call themselves banksters

  2. Very smart of Bulgaria, as they are quite poor at this time, trying to entice investors from the West. Its far better to join with China in the BRI, and lead the way for Eastern and Central Europe to follow.
    Excellent article. Humanity is being forced into doing the inner work, the inner battle in us must cease.

    • Yes, the World would be supported better with BRI than US Hegemony. The prospect of genuine communication between cultures would make everyone happier on our insides, corresponding to the inner work many are beginning.

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