Assad Interview – The Past, Present and Future – 31st October 2019

Whatever your views of Assad maybe, shaped by your own objective analysis or by western mainstream media, the following interview is worthy of our attention, if only to gain an insight into the Assad government’s perspective on a whole range of domestic and international affairs.

There will be many who find his comments such as “regarding Baghdadi as an individual, it is well-known that he was in American prisons in Iraq, and that they let him out in order to play this role” as unpalatable  and an outrageous lie. They will also take great offence at comments such as, “American politics are no different from Hollywood; it relies on the imagination. Not even science fiction, just mere imagination. So, you can take American politics and see it in Hollywood or else you can bring Hollywood and see it through American politics”

However there is sufficient evidence to support these claims, which are well documented elsewhere. Western politics is nothing more than a “Hollywood” style performance to create the illusion that we have a democratic political process. It is also crucially used to divide and conquer the people in the process. A united people is the western cabal’s worst nightmare, after all once divided, all nations and their people will fail.

The following interview also details aspects of the Russian-Turkish agreement in Northern Syria which are not readily understood or even known. His following comments with regards to Trump are interesting in that he characterises him as being the most transparent president, which is indeed true. Assad stated the following, “I say that he is the best American President, not because his policies are good, but because he is the most transparent president. All American presidents perpetrate all kinds of political atrocities and all crimes and yet still win the Nobel Prize and project themselves as defenders of human rights and noble and unique American values, or Western values in general.”

Assad also offers candid views about the Kurds in the Northern Syria, the role of the US in the region and how as we have stated many times previously, that Syria, Russia and Iran are fully coordinated in all aspects of their operations inside the country. Furthermore to emphasise this, Assad stated that in the last month, he has held five meetings with Russian and Iranian officials. There were also trilateral meetings held between Syria, Russia and Turkey with Moscow primarily there in the role of a mediator and observer. Assad also talks about the historical context of events and what the immediate future might hold. The full interview is detailed at the following link.

President al-Assad’s interview given to al-Sourya and al-Ikhbarya TVs

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  1. Paul, the fact that we can turn Assad, a level headed, well educated articulate person into a "monster" is a sure sign that our political system/media is truly Hollywood. Thanks for the post. The world we are currently living in is beyond belief. Thanks so much for all you do Paul and Lisa 🙂 🙂

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