A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Why the US Economy Is in Freefall

A picture is worth a thousand words and here are eleven illustrations why the US economy is in freefall despite what mainstream commentators might say to the contrary. Bear in mind that this does not include the health of the US banks and the financial system in a broader context. There are many more such illustrations that can be found at the Federal Reserve Economic Data website listed below.


Federal Debt


Money Printing

Money Printing - US

Food Stamps

food stamps - US

Student Loans

student loans - US

Motor Vehicle Loans

Motor Vehicle Loans - US

Labour Force Participation

Labour Force Participation - US

Median Family Income

Median Family Income - US

Home Ownership Rates

Home Ownership Rates

Health Care Costs

Health Care - US

Employee Salaries as a % of GDP

Employee Salaries - US

All Sectors: Debt Securities and Loans

All Sectors - Debt Securities and Loans

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  1. Great set of graphs depicting an extremely serious situation. There's no doubt about it, when we go into town it looks like ghost town. Streets, stores and parking lots are nearly empty except the Social Services Department's parking lot which, despite its size, is always overflowing.

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