A Convincing Argument for Owning Gold and Silver

The graphic above clearly illustrates from an historical perspective that ownership of physical Gold and Silver is a prudent move at this point in time. We can see since 1925 correlation between real assets, including Gold and Silver and financial assets. Naturally people will point to the significant rise we have already seen in 2016, of Gold and Silver but we have to set that against a backdrop of increasing economic uncertainty which is unfolding on a week by week basis now.




  1. ...it is one's opinion that no significant progress towards a "fair" system will be achieved while value is attached to this metal....who holds the metal, holds the "power". This comment doesn't diminish my respect for you, Paul.

    • Hi Ken, until a financial system is backed by something of value then we will continue to adopt this FIAT monetary fiasco which has created this power. The fact that the cabal scrapped the gold standard and why they are adverse to its reintroduction speaks volumes for why it should be reintroduced or something similar. In addition ownership of Gold and Silver is also a mechanism to protect our own wealth as history has shown for thousands of years.

  2. When you attach the historical properties to these two metals, along with the projected need in the industrial strategic arena, makes this dilemma a no brainer. Physical possession is the strength of wealth preservation. Lets look at the major holding of Silver by JP Morgan, to include China and Russia holdings in Gold bullion...

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