Why the War Against the Cabal Is a Financial One

I thought it would be a good time to make the following post because I continue to get asked questions with respect to chemtrails and other matters such as GMO and why they are still in place if the cabal have been defeated.

Firstly, the cabal have lost the war but there are battles still to be fought. However, despite all their posturing this has never been about a military world war or regional confrontations. It has always been about a financial war which has been ongoing for about a decade but particularly in the last few years via an enormous de-dollarisation campaign, the stockpiling of gold and silver leading to a new gold standard, the birth of the New Silk Road and alternative institutions to rival the likes of the IMF, World Bank, SWIFT and Western Central Banks.

In addition, the dismantling of traditional cabal cash cow industries and the severance of old alliances and the birth of new ones. These are but a few of the ongoing initiatives that serve to illustrate what is a vast ongoing process in this financial war.

The way to destroy the cabal is after all to take down their Fiat monetary system. Once that happens their power vanishes literally within two seconds.

People talk endlessly about mass arrests but until you neutralise the cabal financially they can pay armies of mercenaries to protect them, bribe, blackmail and coerce, wage proxy wars on their behalf, fly planes to spray chemtrails, plant their crops, medicate the masses and finance campaigns to ensure the masses remain trapped in ignorance, fear as well as sucked into the divide and conquer agenda to name but a few.

Our aim on our website, in part, is to highlight precisely the mechanism by which the destruction of the cabal has been undertaken and how we are now visibly seeing the results of those efforts. This post seeks to illustrate concisely and precisely why the cessation of the likes of chemtrails will be the last thing we shall see.

One further point to mention is that financial subservience and destruction has been the mechanism to control humanity. That is in essence why the same has to be done to the cabal.



  1. https://www.rt.com/business/436727-russia-stop-using-dollar/

    and the hits just keeps on coming


  2. 100 percent over the target
    The ability to create and control the money is what has made this luciferian cabal the financial behemoth it is.Take away the ability to create "money" and this demonic scum will be history.

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