Russian Ministry of Health and VEB Bank Launch Blockchain Project

Russian state-owned bank Vnesheconombank (VEB) has announced that it will be working with the Russian Ministry of Health to explore possible uses of blockchain technology.

One area that will be explored is how blockchain could be used to exchange patient history. According to the bank, the government has also issued a mandate to create a new interagency data-sharing system. In addition, VEB is launching a “Centre of Competencies” through which it will study possible blockchain applications.

Once again, we are seeing another clear example of the enormous potential of blockchain and how Russia is taking major steps forward in utilising such technologies. As ever, when we see such headlines we can be sure that the Russian Ministry of Health has already made progress in terms of feasibility studies and costings for such a project with VEB. We expect to see the announcement of further developments in this sphere in the coming weeks and months.

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