Mass Formation Psychosis: Has the Bitcoin mania actually been a ruse to vilify silver?

Face it, when it comes to Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies there IS no middle ground.  Ie… either one is 100% for it, or 100% against it.  In fact very few individuals who have taken a deep dive into the history of cryptos have come away with more answers than questions such as in why did it emerge in the very same month as the stock market crash of Nov. 2008, and why was Jeffrey Epstein of all people an early adopter and promoter of Bitcoin?

Thus attempting to even discuss the future of cryptocurrencies in a rational manner has unfortunately gone long past its shelf life because the industry has fallen into the realm of that faddish new term, Mass Formation Psychosis.

For those who do not know the origins of this term, it was mentioned by Dr. Malone recently in his interview with Joe Rogan, and relates to an individual or event by which even intelligent or rational people fall prey to the narratives being pushed by said subject.  Two great examples could be the German people morphing into genocidal killers under Nazism, or politicians in California falling under the spell of Jim Jones during the 1970s.

So what exactly does this have to do with silver and the silver markets?  To answer this I stumbled across a fascinating and riveting interview yesterday over at the Morgan Report which outlines some very close ties between Bitcoin’s emergence, Jeffrey Epstein, Jamie Dimon, and J P Morgan’s sudden shift towards accumulating the largest silver hoard in US history while at the same time vilifying it both publicly, and to internal clients.

Here is that interview.


  1. Personally i don't like the term Mass Formation Psychosis. i'm not clear what the point of the 'formation' term has. There is however Mass Psychosis where large portions of society lose touch with reality and descends into delusions. We have seen this with the recent virus. If you turned off your TV much of this event would cease to exist. The controlled media is there to immerse people in propaganda. This and the 'education' system is now stripping them of objectivity and analytic skills. They are denuded of common sense which would vaccinated them against the smoke and mirrors needed to pull off so many of the deceptions that keep the elite in power.
    EFT's like GLD and SLV are made of the same stuff as crypto. They draw money away, they distract, they create illusions of wealth. Why doesn't the education system teach kids that there is real money and then there is everything else?

    • Formation because it is formed on purpose. This was the work of the SPI-B group of SAGE per Laura Dodsworth's book State of Fear. What hasn't been discussed publicly to this point is the similar work of the Fors Marsh group for the US federal government. The contract was initiated by the Trump regime and renewed by the Biden regime. This was for a cool $400 million. Not bad pay for only producing propaganda and behavioral modification strategies. The funny thing about it is the majority of articles on it are the uproar it caused in the democratic party when Trump awarded the contract. They though the purpose was to take away from their campaign messaging strategy of "Trump killed everyone with covid". It only lasted for about a week. Somebody told the Democrats to shut the hell up it has nothing to do with that... and it disappeared from the news. Who is the puppet master who pulled those strings?

    • I think the declination of the term Mass Formation, as coined by Matteas Desmat, is meant to emphasis 'large part of the population ' IE. 'Formation' being a significant group.
      He, in fact, doesn't use the word psychosis and doesn't like the addition of this word to the phrase.... which I guess means it's not an disease developed in individuals only? (Just my interpretation of course... and I would add our English term 'lost in translation', him being Belgian an'all.

    • It was coined by Professor Matthias Desmet, he has spoken about the terminology widely now. Maybe take a look at one of his videos for it to make sense.

    • Totally agree. I believe that undergraduate Economics courses only teach Keynes and MMT? Whilst I'm not an economist by background the merits and logicality of Sound Money and Austrian Economics seems obvious to me.
      And most PM ETFs are merely an extension of the fiat fractional Ponzi scheme.

  2. I'm glad Robert Malone also says "mass hypnosis" in his comments, as that's what mass formation psychosis is. Good idea to rebrand it, so people take a fresh look

  3. The BBC series "The Coming Storm" about QAnon makes an interesting comparison. It suggests that the interest in persecuting witches barely existed until the invention of the printing press gave wide circulation to the book Malleus Maleficorum (about identifying witches), and led to the persecution and execution of many suspected witches in Europe and America. The Internet similarly allows daft ideas to spread, to the extent that belief in a cabal of satanic child-abusers controlling government is no longer fringe, and the belief that the election was stolen is the majority view among Republicans.

  4. 'Mass Formation Psychosis'!
    Sounds new and exciting, no?
    Not so much, actually; it's just a trendy euphemism for the conditioning effects of Propaganda infecting Western capitals for decades, which, ironically enough, will produce the secondary/redoubling consequence of further obfuscating the open application of Propaganda itself.
    -Pretty neat trick (if you're a Fascist).

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