Western Mainstream Media Lack of Objectivity, Stupidity or Intentional?

The western Mainstream Media escalation of anti-Russian propaganda should come as no surprise to anyone, except those in the west who continue to lap up the endless diatribe offered by their salivating media who provide no evidence and blatantly ignores that which would puncture a gigantic hole in their paper-thin analysis which lack objectivity, credibility and context.

We hear endless accusations that Russia is the aggressor in Syria when for four years before they arrived the Syrian people were being terrorised, tortured, raped and murdered in the most despicable manner. Where was the western Mainstream Media condemning the actions of these terrorist groups who swept across Iraq and Syria? Why did no one in the western Mainstream Media ask the obvious question, who was arming, training and financing these groups? Why do they never question who these moderate rebels are and who are also financing, training and arming them? They never accept the obvious fact that they are mercenaries paid to overthrow Assad, in much the same manner as the Islamic State groups, but choose to present them as fighting a civil war.

They never question why Washington seeks regime change in Syria, via these “moderates” and the Islamic State, and willingly accept the tired worn out narrative they use every single time to justify their actions. They demonise Assad and accuse him of killing his own people and yet they provide no evidence to support these claims and when anyone provides evidence that these terrorist groups and “moderates” are the guilty parties, they are readily dismissed without spending a single second assessing the relative merits of their claims.

They fail to address the fact that Western intervention in Syria is in fact against international law and ignore the fact that Russia is legally allowed to be there because Assad gave them permission to do so. They never question why Russia did more to combat the threat of the Islamic State in the first few weeks, when they entered combat missions in Syria, than the west managed to do so in several years before that. They also rarely report the vast amount of humanitarian aid that Russia ships to Syria on a regular basis.

If that was not bad enough we then look at Ukraine. The western Mainstream Media never questioned the reasons given behind the overthrow of Yanukovych in Kiev and readily accepted the official Maidan coup narrative. They ignore the hypocrisy applied to the “rebels” in Donbass who are actually involved in a real civil war, unlike Syria, but are branded as terrorists and not “moderates” as they are in Syria. They never question why the US and Europe apply sanctions against Russia, accusing them of involvement in East Ukraine, but readily accept that the US led coalition is actively participating in Syria against international law but that apparently is perfectly acceptable behaviour. They never report the war crimes that the Ukraine army have and are undertaking in Donbass, but accuse Assad of doing the very same thing in Syria, without any evidence to support those claims. They also ignore the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine as if they don’t even exist.

The western maninstream media do not question Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen and see the obvious parallels with Russian involvement in Syria, despite the obvious flaws in Saudi involvement in the first place. When Saudi Arabia “accidently” bombs civilian targets, including hospitals, they virtually turn a blind eye but they foam at the mouth accusing Russia and Assad of doing precisely the same thing in Syria, with no evidence of their involvement.

Even when history proves western involvement in war crimes in nations such as Iraq and the financing, arming and training of terrorist groups to foment regime change the Mainstream Media pretends it never applies to events unfolding in the present. Allowing the crimes of governments across the globe go unreported, for whatever reason, is an uncomfortable truth which needs addressing. Furthermore, do Mainstream Media outlets need to be held accountable for their apparent complicit behaviour in hiding this truth from the masses?

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  1. Also, in the Ukraine, the media never observes that the Maidan overthrew the legitimate government and constitution. Hence, the so-called "rebels" are fully within their rights to form new states and/or national affiliations. Likewise, Crimea was (possibly in violation of the USSR constitution) separated from Russia by Khrushchev on a whim ad had every right to return to its natural place in light of the above circumstances.

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