The Truth About Syria Explained by US Peace Council Delegation

One of our readers recently forwarded a video to us, in which a US Peace Council delegation addresses a group of reporters and correspondents at the UN headquarters in New York City regarding their recent visit to Damascus and what they had learned from their time spent in war-torn Syria. Their conclusions diametrically oppose what we have been told by the Western media. They illustrate for example that the war in Syria is not a civil war, that what the West is doing in Syria is in violation of international law and that the sanctions on Syria are actually indirectly promoting terrorism in Syria. Below, we highlight the key issues that were addressed by the council.

We would encourage our readers to share this far and wide, as it is paramount that this video is seen by the Western public in order to finally shatter the illusions that are being perpetrated by the Western media and to expose the real agenda behind the invasion into Syria by the Western alliance. We feel that it is our duty as westerners to spread this information so that we may be able to help bring an end to the atrocities that are being committed in Syria, that our governments are knowingly or unknowingly participating in.


  1. Syrian government is recognised by the UN and contests legitimate elections
  2. What we think we know about Syria, Assad and his government is not so
  3. Regime change is illegal under international law and we have no right to determine what is right for the Syrian people
  4. West’s lack of morality over its foreign policy in the likes of Syria is reprehensible
  5. Syria is not a civil war. Assad is not fighting his own people, they are in unison fighting against outside mercenary forces who are trying to overthrow Assad and divide the people of Syria
  6. Assad has the support of 23 million people and why he has survived attacks for five years to have him removed
  7. Motive is to destroy an independent secular Arab nation
  8. We are fighting a mass of propaganda that demonised the Syrian government, its leaders that precedes every other intervention to convince people for humanitarian reasons it needs to replace governments. They want governments who are willing to comply with US policy.
  9. It makes no sense that the Western media reports that Assad is trying to destroying his people and their infrastructure, e.g. hospitals. We need to share the truth and not the propaganda the media have been forcing down our throats
  10. Whilst the West would like to divide people religiously there was not a Syrian who would tolerate that. They will not allow them to be divided like we have seen in Iraq, which is why they have withstood an invasion and attempt to overthrow the Assad government. The Syrian government is popular and winning the war
  11. Self-evident for several years that what we are hearing from the media was intentionally designed to confuse western people and has been intense
  12. The same pattern of every other invasion has been observed in Syria, the leadership is demonised and used as an excuse to interfere in internal affairs
  13. Assad said when this is all over if the people want an election and remove me from power then so be it
  14. Assad government provides universal free healthcare and free education up to and including university
  15. The Syrian people said they are Syrians, not Christians or Muslims
  16. Sanctions have been imposed on Syria by the US, like they imposed on Iraq in the 1990s which killed 500k children
  17. Sanctions imposed on factory parts, materials and tools has caused huge unemployment and the offer of being paid as mercenaries’ has influenced people to join these terrorist groups
  18. Sanctions are imposed not to damage or harm governments but to hurt the people so that they will rebel against the government. That has failed to transpire in Syria.
  19. Syrian people can’t get medicines and this lack of medication through US sanctions is causing high mortality rates in children
  20. Students can’t study abroad
  21. Syrian lawyers separated from rest of the global legal system
  22. There is a need to speak to officials, non-officials and society to assess independently what is going on in Syria
  23. US Peace Council delegation spoke to members of industry, chamber of industry, student union leaders, NGOs involved in taking care of orphans on all sides. NGO trains women who don’t have skills because the breadwinner in the family was killed. NGO to make sure supplies get to people in areas controlled by terrorists
  24. Political opposition, who work non-violently to bring about change, in opposition and working with government co-exist within Syrian society, This political opposition that existed before the 2011 invasion are now all behind Assad
  25. People in Syria have spoken about their experiences of family members who have been tortured, raped, kidnapped by terrorists and have not returned.
  26. Syria has a ministry of reconciliation to help people in a restorative and healing way e.g. if someone has joined the mercenaries they are welcomed back into society
  27. Damage done was to a university when the US Peace Council delegation was there when a shell killed students. This was not Assad forces carrying out these attacks
  28. Villages that had been besieged and liberated from terrorists were visited
  29. West needs to stop supporting so called moderate groups and acknowledge the grey area between these groups and terrorists. Western nations claim to be against terrorism but do very little to suggest they actually mean this. Moderate groups are there at the behest of western nations who seek to overthrow Assad
  30. Border between Turkey and Syria needs to be closed to stop the influx of terrorists entering Syria.


For further reference, you can also watch this interview with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for Russian television.

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