Trump: I Don’t Have An Attorney General

It is perhaps time to face some uncomfortable realities with respect to Trump’s relationship with Sessions which is anything but, how some might like to project it. In what is becoming a common theme, Trump has continued his criticism of Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, stating that it goes beyond Sessions’s decision to recuse himself from the Russia 2016 election interference probe, which resulted in the Mueller investigation debacle.

Trump, in a recent interview, expressed concerns about Sessions with regards to his representation of Trump in Senate confirmation hearings and Sessions handling of immigration issues. Trump stated that he doesn’t have Attorney General and it’s very sad. He also stated that he was disappointed in the Attorney General for many reasons.

We should recall that Trump previously stated that he should not have considered Sessions for the role of the Attorney General because it resulted in the Mueller investigation. We should also recall that during his confirmation hearing in January 2017, Sessions stated that he saw no reason why he would need to recuse himself despite his role in the 2016 campaign as an adviser to Trump. By March 2017, Sessions made the decision to recuse from the Russia investigation having consulted with the Justice Department.

Trump also recently stated that Sessions had failed to take control of the Justice Department, which prompted Sessions to respond by stating that as the Attorney General the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.

It is time that everyone faces the reality of relations between Trump and Sessions. These latest comments give the clearest indication yet as to the chasm which exists between the US president and his Attorney General. It is quite clear that they are strained and time is running out for Sessions to deliver on his obligations as Attorney General from Trump’s perspective. We suspect that if he fails to deliver on a number of key objectives that Trump may well fire him after the mid-term elections. From our perspective to do so beforehand would be an extremely unwise decision.


  1. Well, it then remains to be seen whether Sessions recalcitrance towards Trump's alleged desire for transparency and disclosure is indeed that, ..or calculated ploy to preclude political criticism of Sessions by leftists now cheering him on as 'independent' ..after having provided Trump everything he's presently denied.

    Context, timing and gambit may combine to what's sought whilst waiting for Kavanaugh's senate approval. Trump absolutely needs a secure supremes majority to proceed with what's essential if we're to survive as a nation of functional law. Reference Graham's quizzing Kav on interpretive intricacies and distinctions of martial law.

    I vote gambit.

  2. Trump is very hard to work out, one minute you think he is a puppet, the next he screws the deep state, I think he knows he is screwed by these neacons banksters.

  3. The best Trump can hope to do in his 8 years is clean out the corrupt Democrat politial machine. I hope he does a good job, because, for America's sake, the same needs to be done to the Republican machine. The only realistic way to do that is for the next president to not need it for his/her political base. Therefore, the next President NEEDS to be a Democrat, but one that is on the same "clean up America" mission as Trump.

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