Seismic Moments In The Event Driven Reset – Part One

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We have spoken for many years about the much vaunted reset, which is an ongoing event driven scenario and most definitely not time driven or time dependent. Dominoes have to fall in a sequential manner as we progress through this minefield of geopolitical, economic, financial and societal change.

Whilst some seek grandiose headlines as signals of these tumultuous changes, the most profound impacting events are usually quite subtle, sometimes occur via back channel conversations and meetings or are a chain reaction for a myriad of other event changing processes.

In that regard there are certain points within the event driven scenario when we need to pause for breath and take stock of events at that time, going forward and understand their significance and why they are major inflexion points in the move towards the new paradigm and a multipolar world.

We have spoken for many years about how Russia’s military technology was light years ahead of the United States and its NATO partners. Privately governments and military personnel are beginning to recognise this to be a fact. The people of western nations have largely dismissed this as Russia propaganda and utter nonsense. After all the US is the world’s only superpower and their military might and prowess should never be questioned. Even when Russia began to show case their new technology in Syria, few recognised that perhaps there was mileage in the assertion that Russia did indeed have advanced technologies that the west could only dream of.

The cabalists themselves believed that they would reign supreme in a hot war and some still do, but increasingly they are becoming fewer and fewer in number and perhaps more importantly, so is their influence on US foreign policy. US Secretaries of State, National Security Advisors and other US administration personnel often beat the war drums. It is however largely high octane rhetoric and optics for the American people and an excuse to fuel the faux patriotism that garners them so much support.

Eyebrows began to be raised, not only in Washington, when the US military took the threat seriously that the entire US fleet in the South China Sea risked being sunk. This came after Washington threatened to take unilateral action against North Korea. Humanity has no idea just how close the world came to a major hot war in the Korean Peninsula around late March to aroiund the middle of April in 2017. Note now how Kim Jong Un, North Korea and their repeated missile launches are no longer even commented on by Washington?

When Putin made his speech to lawmakers in Moscow in March 2018 it was a calculated move and not to galvanise a nation behind him just prior to the then upcoming presidential elections. It was a strategic move on the chess board of the event driven scenario and was expected to result in both predictable and unpredictable actions via Washington, its NATO partners and also the cabalists and their sycophantic minions.

The last two years has seen that much anticipated response in many theatres of conflict across the world. Note how the US is seeking to back out of Afghanistan, didn’t get involved in the recent spat between Russia and Turkey in Syria, resisted a major offensive against Iran and is now repeatedly under attack in Iraq. It was also the catalyst for a myriad of geopolitical initiatives across the globe and fuelled the drive towards de-dollarisation and the rejection of US hegemony.

Putin’s address back in 2018 accelerated many such developments and in the process threw a major spanner in the works of the cabalists in Washington. In part two we will discuss what Putin said at his address to lawmakers and why it fundamentally changed the course of history for decades to come.

We originally discussed the following article in our podcast subscription series back in March 2018 in the immediate aftermath of Putin’s speech to lawmakers.


  1. Do you know Paul I wrote a letter to the Russian embassy in London, two years ago praising Putin, one, for is intervention in Syria and one of his 4 hours speeches, what a politician.
    Myself I look for insiders, take one Jim Sinclair, I still have in on my computer, Jim is one of them, has he said in his interview with Greg Hunter he knew what was coming and I think he does.
    China has a lot of debt, fiat, work it out yourself, 20 or 30 tons, I would say more, times for a gold price of what ever, the old adage, who ever got the gold, runs the show,if America had the gold, where is the audit, you can't believe a word that comes out of America.

  2. Hi Paul,
    In my neighbor, with beautiful yesterday, morning everyone was out and about. Traffic was almost normal.
    I saw high school age boys playing basketball. The day before,, Thursday,
    almost nobody was on the road.
    One thing that has happened ,to my happiness,is, no planes are in the air. And no more chem trails! Maybe it is very good this virus happened.
    The elderly that I talk to are very angry. This reminds me of the book “THE LONG EMERGENCY”.
    Everyone is on a barter system , and many have died, in the year 2022.

  3. So many ads...couldn't find the article. Love your work. You're my #1 source for global events and factual information.
    I would pay more if I didn't have to navigate 3 or 4 pages of ads.

  4. PAUL - Again , agree completely with everything Terry has noted . For my part I wrote at length to the likes of - Hitchens - Heffer and Oborne et all exposing all the lies and mis-information the MSM peddled about Putin and Russia . Quite simply the man is a collosus and beacon of light and truth on a world stage populated by pygmies . Likewise the reset - sooner the better - want to see it happen before I fall off my perch .

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