Reality Plays Out Despite What Some in the Alternative Media Might Say

I continue to find it somewhat surprising the amount of people in and around the periphery of the alternative media who continue to suggest that the cabal are somehow still in the ascendency and yet they fail to produce any substantive evidence to support those claims.

When the cabal attempted to drag Russia into a war in Ukraine and destroy their economy via sanctions it failed to materialise and Eurozone nations are ironically suffering far more as a result of this, much to their obvious annoyance. Furthermore we are now seeing a largely Russian led peace initiative being implemented in East Ukraine which was presented to Kiev, via the French and German foreign ministers.

The cabal’s desire to overthrow Assad has failed as Russia has succeeded in repelling the threat of the Islamic State in Syria. This is in stark contrast to the US coalition who achieved nothing by design and are irrefutably complicit in allowing them and so-called “moderate groups” to persist with their destruction of Syria. The fact they are also terrorising the innocent caught up in this Western induced civil war, for want of a better word, makes the actions of the coalition partners doubly reprehensible.

The recent US coalition bombing has privately caused consternation amongst NATO partners as they see the US behaving in such a reckless manner and rightly with deep suspicion that in the immediate aftermath of the airstrikes ISIS sought to take advantage in the ensuing chaos. When the US then accused Assad and Russia of attacking a UN convey of humanitarian aid, Russia produced evidence to refute such claims and the UN quickly distanced itself from the US position on this matter.

We also had the failed US coup to depose Erdogan who was tipped off by Moscow. We have subsequently seen Turkey perform a complete u-turn as they have rotated east and have normalised relations with Russia and are seeking to advance bilateral trades and military cooperation. The western media attempted to portray Turkey’s recent incursions into Northern Syria as being supportive of the US intervention but that has proved to be anything but the case. Erdogan only recently reaffirmed his commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity, stressing the military operation in the north is only aimed at bringing peace to the region. Some may argue to the contrary, but given the constant dialogue between Moscow and Ankara you can be sure that Russia is constantly appraising the actions of Turkey in this region.

It may surprise many that it is Russia and not China who is the renaissance nation in the new paradigm and we have seen in recent days and weeks how nation after nation is seeking an audience with Russia. Italy and Greece have openly courted bilateral ties and now we are seeing the likes of Portugal, Switzerland and Slovenia, in Europe, expressing a desire to enter dialogue with Russia as expediently as possible. Germany has been in long-standing secret talks with Russia about rotating east and privately France have expressed similar views, albeit not so overtly. In addition nations such as Argentina, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Vietnam have recently expressed similar desires to work with Russia in the future.

We should also factor China into our understanding and how they are rolling out the New Silk Road to support the new paradigm. Xi Jinping delivered a speech in which he called for a military union with Russia that would render NATO powerless and put an end to the imperialist desires of the West: “The world is on the verge of radical change,” he said. “We see how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as is the US economy. It is all over for the new world order.” The recent Chinese-Russian drills in the disputed South China Sea territories was a clear demonstration to Washington that they will not tolerate their aggressive posturing anymore.

China continues to undergo enormous internal reform. The purge of party officials, thus far in 2016, dwarfs what Erdogan has done recently in Turkey. China seeks an open global market where individual nations find their own path towards integration and development with the rest of the world. By enlarging their own domestic market they will address the issues of the size of their population and their ever-growing needs. There is no doubt that China is rotating its economy to serve its internal interests as well as its international aspirations via the financial infrastructure it has put in place to serve its needs. China’s involvement in Syria has also shown a desire to tread internationally where they have previously never done so before, much to the chagrin of Washington. The western financial system and cabal infrastructure is unravelling fast as we are publicly witnessing on a daily basis and have discussed and analysed before, many times on this website.

Aspects of the alternative media like to spin the reality of what is unfolding in all manner of ways. The reality is that in comparison it is quite mundane and workmanlike. Just ask China and Russia who rarely get any acknowledgment in the alternative media for their sterling efforts to usher in the new paradigm. The focus on another messiah amongst much of the alternative space not only surprises but also deeply shocks me because that is precisely what the cabal has done to humanity in perpetuity. Russia and China are not expecting some benevolent force to save the day. It is precisely for that reason that they took it upon themselves to bring about the seismic changes we are witnessing now and no one can deny that is the case.

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