The Paradigm Shift And Why The Grand Deception Must Come To An End

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We are now very much in the midst of the so-called paradigm shift or reset, which has completely bypassed the mainstream media and to a large extent the alt-media also. The latter, to a fairly large extent, has been making the same unfulfilled promises for years offering a utopian future for humanity. What is staggering is how people are so easily willing to forgive the endless failure of these assurances to deliver anything of substance. The endless spin and at times blatant contradiction is self-evident but belief in something often skews humanities perspective, with devastating consequences, as hundreds of years of history proves all too often.

We are currently in the process of creating an e-book and audiobook which will highlight what the reset will actually mean during its culmination and in the immediate aftermath. We will clearly not discuss the pertinent details now, but would like to make a few observations at this time. There is a need to stimulate both debate and critical thinking about the future challenges which lie ahead which will be immense, particularly for people in the west. Recall, we have said on many occasions before that Russia has been through its reset which has taken 20 years and is still an ongoing process. There are no quick fix solutions, which are far more about endemic ideological engrained indoctrination, than the economic, social and political changes needed to bring about lasting change.

In analogous terms, in order to rebuild infrastructure, you have to raise it to the ground and ensure that the foundations are constructed to the necessary standards. You can’t just take down the first floor, build six more and then expect the building to have longevity. Quite simply it will collapse very quickly. There are people out there offering the quick fix partial demolition solution, but very few explain what the outcome will be and what the long term solutions and objectives are expected to be.

The biggest challenge the west faces are in its ideological mind-set, which is very easily malleable to being polarised and as a consequence susceptible to divide and conquer agendas. This is none more so than in faux party politics, which is nothing more than a grand illusion to convince people they have a democratic choice at election time.

However it goes much further than that and ultimately shapes many people’s reactions, when it is clear they have not bothered to think through a given situation because it contradicts their deeply held persuasions. A case in point being that when we are critical of Trump we are branded as being democrats or a troll. This is symptomatic of the induced polarisation which means everything is black and white and that you have to be completely on side or you are against us. The world is neither black nor white, but a myriad of shades of grey and where the truth and real perspective lies. History proves this point rather eloquently, but humanity rarely reflects on its past to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Western nations particularly need to let go of this constant need to be seen as the moral arbiters of truth and justice, when their actions illustrate the exact opposite through acts of staggering hypocrisy. The people of these nations also need to accept that it is juvenile to continue to push this mantra of choosing sides and having to conquer perceived enemies. However, more importantly, they need to recognise that such propaganda has been responsible for convincing them to repeat this endless cycle of death, destruction and grand larceny, all predicated on deception, fabrication and outright lies.

The paradigm shift is going to be an enormous challenge for all humanity as the collapse of the old structures continues unabated. However, those who seek to fight tooth and nail to hang on to the old paradigm mentality are going to find this shift significantly more challenging. This also includes those who consider themselves enlightened, in that on the one hand they have ditched the old paradigm perspective, but have now embraced new belief systems which are utterly misleading too. Change is coming and there is nothing that is going to stop it and if you don’t embrace it the change will crush you.


  1. There was definitely a need for a change. I believe we really dodged a bullet on this one. But I am also never in total agreement with anyone. I am one of those unfortunate people who, when confronted with two people arguing, will see a bit of wrong in each point of view. The two just-opposed points do a collective destruction to solutions. Whenever I have been foolish enough to point out the errors, both turn on me! So now a days I try to sit back and wait for the winner to stagger away. Then I say, "Hey Joe! Got a minute?" It is much less painful that way!

  2. Dear Paul and Lisa.
    Reading your Post this morning regarding the Shift and Reset reminds me as to why I am one of your Readers and Listeners. The problem (I see it both sides of my family) is that they don’t want to see the Illusion. Even after all that’s in plain Site. As you say it’s going to hit them like an express train and a train that has no brakes. Keep up the great work because it’s so essential at this time. Best regards Peter.

  3. your deep thinking resonates. sadly almost nobody will pay attention, nevermind act on the implications

  4. I totally agree. The world is rapidly changing, and most are ill prepared for what is coming. In the US, people take too little care of their health, let alone their finances.

    The Midwest flooding this year and associated crop losses means food prices will begin to rise rapidly this fall/winter. Few are prepared to allocate a greater amount to their food budget. But spending more on necessities like food will reduce the amount in the household budget for other purchases. Seems a recession is in the cards sooner than later. And the next recession will certainly be deeper and last longer than the last one as the Central Banks are still fighting the last recession and are out of ammunition. They are already dropping interest rates to negative levels. The global economy is not doing well. Cracks are forming in South America and Europe. The US economy is not doing well either, despite the claims of the US president.

  5. What is coming, there is going to be 2 re-sets, 1st re-set is going to be the dream boys the deep state, not going to work, the 2nd, Russia and China and maybe a few more countries will take over with gold and silver backing it, follow the smart money, see I follow Jim Sinclair, for one reason he is an insider, he knows what is going on, you can't trust anythink, I also follow Rob Kirby, always the truth, great guy.
    Kind regards,

    Terry Shead

  6. I also talk to family members and close friends about what is happening. They look at me blank faced say "OK" then continue about other subjects. I'm looking forward to the ebook to help me understand the debth of what is coming. Along with additional information I haven't thought of so I can get all my ducks in line. Thanks again for your insight Paul & Lisa.

  7. Dear Paul:

    This was just brilliant and I can’t tell you just how much I agree with what you’re saying.

    I happen to be a mundane astrologer – something I don’t really advertise on places like this or the Gadfly as there are some who might think it’s just too “out there.” But some of what you wrote here perfectly reflects what I see coming for the US and for the rest of the world. And we are in full agreement that the existing structures must go before a new system can be established. Many people I know are in complete denial of this, especially here in America where they believe the Empire will never die.

    I don’t think you’re anti-Trump. In fact, at times I think you are far too kind to him. I predicted he would win (and fully expect him to be re-elected) because I could see he was the man for the times. Someone once used the term “creative destruction” in regard to Trump and the expression is a perfect description of what’s going on here. If ever there was an agent for change, it’s him.

    Bravo Paul!

  8. To London Paul,
    Thank you for your facts and insights that MSM are ignoring or misinterpreting. It is enlightening to listen to you and your contributions with Gadfly. Both are a most welcome and necessary rain shower in this desert of intellect called news.

  9. Hello Paul,
    Well expressed and well put. The main point being, what to put/ build in place after the current systemic structures of misconduct has been eliminated. We need an interim, people can survive in and opportunity to build the world we wish to live in, together. I am eager and impatient to read your book. At the speed events are taking place, you might end up writing a history book!

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