Mass Extinction Events Are Once Again In The News

Mass extinction events are in the news again and we thought it would be worth bringing the following article to your attention. The concept of mass extinction events is hardly new. However the following comments are telling in ways that might be more obvious to some.

Peter Crockford, from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science and Princeton University, was quoted as saying that he believes there are probably far more major die-off events and mass extinctions that we do not yet know about. “The problem is that the geologic record gets poorer and poorer the further back we look, so we need to combine lots of different tools and intensely interrogate the samples that we have available to translate the rock record into a picture of what the Earth used to look like.”

Crockford’s comments are enlightening because he suggests that indeed there maybe many such events that have occurred that we are just not yet aware of. However, would it be unreasonable to suggestion that records exist which suggest precisely that, but with the pertinent detail missing from this correct aforementioned assertion?

The question then is, what exactly caused these major events and mass extinctions? We can certainly suggest that meteors or other natural celestial events may have been responsible. But is that the complete story? We should also not rule out what types of technologies existed then which could have been the cause of precisely these kind of events. This may sound like a quantum leap of judgment but the real history of this planet has largely been hidden.

Humanity stands on the cusp of breaking the proverbial glass ceiling in terms of its evolution and development. However we face enormous challenges in this ongoing paradigm shift which are far beyond the realms of economic, political and social issues, we are currently facing. Given we only even deal in facts, we feel the significance of this article should have added gravitas.


  1. This sort of research requires open and curious minds. Unfortunately, such people appear to be in the minority. I. too, believe much of early history has been carelessly ignored, since, ancient history seemed irrelevant to our forefathers. Life is challenging, therefore, I will give early leaders the benefit of doubt. At any rate, who were the early Gate Keepers? Priests, Clergy, Lords or Kings? The Dark Ages could have taken notice of unusual clues, but survival was the largest concern of those times.

    Most people these days cannot cope with the possibility of Climate Dangers, let alone, Climate Collapse. Furthermore, with so many US funds going to our perpetual wars, research of possible prior Extinctions will be on the forever-back-burner.

    Regarding present-day Extinction (possibility) it real or is it false? Until the REALITY can be agreed upon by the majority, this, too, will be overlooked or continue in its' never-ending circle of ambiguity. Change is not handled well, therefore, denial is to be expected by most nations and most of the Western Civilization.

  2. Max Igan, his somewhat understandable/forgivable, if hysterical/paranoid claims aside, does have a few comparatively interesting ideas concerning hidden history, technology and cultures, Tartaria, for example.

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