Why Humanity Must Let Go of Its Tainted History to Redefine Our Future

History is perversely resplendent with many examples of how humanity will fail in the future by repeating the same mistakes ad nauseam. Ironically of course, those failures were largely by design and largely not attributable to some crass incompetence as we have been led to believe. However, in recent years the cabal have made some spectacular failures in terms of international policy in the likes of Syria and Ukraine but more fundamentally in the realms of the financial apparatus which underpins their illusionary world.

We continue to see commentators and analysts pretty much frame everything in the context of the past and that somehow there is not a third way. Fortunately, China and Russia have led the way in redefining that perspective and a desire to embrace a multipolar world. This is a challenge not only for the governance hierarchy, but also for humanity, who have been seduced by all manner of divide and conquer strategies to pit human against human.

Washington sadly seems the last bastion of unipolarity that still seeks to divide nations and their people. However, this should come as no surprise to any of us. After all, they seek to preserve the dollar machinery to allow them to export their debt so they can continue to wage their three-pronged attack of death, destruction and grand larceny. They will look to subjugate any nation who seeks to deprive them of their right to seize assets through some perceived legitimate means, that they brainwash the masses with, to justify their heinous crimes. Their allies are merely vassal states who have to also tow the party line for fear of reprisals. No one is exempt from their tyranny.

Physical Gold and Silver are quite literally a poison to the cabal, which is why they continually attack them through means of paper contracts dumped into the market to suppress their prices. Increasingly this is the only means by which they can create US dollar liquidity to support the US treasuries complex. However, we are now seeing that the retail investors are seeing weakness in the price as a buying opportunity. Recently, one million silver eagles were sold in a single day in the US, equivalent to all the sales in the previous months of July, August and September.

The need to return to the gold standard and sound money has never been clearer. There will be those who argue against it based on a historical perspective but there are many flaws in their analysis, which we will discuss in detail in another article. There will be those who will argue against it because they wish to preserve the FIAT insanity which infests our global financial system but has been hugely rewarding to themselves.

We have seen an acceleration in the last two years of Russia and China’s desire to embrace the unthinkable and to challenge US hegemony and defeat it. They have shown that previous enemies can become allies and that even when there are obvious differences of opinions and views they can find common ground. There will always be differences within the internal governance of any nation and with respect to international policies, but it is how we channel those differences in a constructive manner which is the key to unlocking our true potential. A multipolar world should equally apply to nations within themselves. People need to let go of their induced prejudices, dislikes and alienation of each other. It is time for humanity to realise that in unity we truly can achieve what is perceived to be impossible, effortlessly, with a beauty and resonance which will take our breath away.

The future can be ours if we choose to grasp it, but we need to let go of our ruinous and tainted history that seeks to keep us in servitude and isolated from each other. The future will require us to strain every sinew of our bodies and minds towards embracing one another and working together for a future that generations to come will see as the dawn of a new golden age. Let us go out and plant the acorns that will flourish into oak trees which will become the forests of our future civilisation.

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