Is Donald Trump Reading The Sirius Report?

(Official White House Photos by D. Myles Cullen)

We have reason to now believe that perhaps Donald Trump is reading the Sirius Report. We would draw your attention to the most recent article we have written on our own website, two days ago.

No More Excuses Mr President, Rein In Your Egregious Foreign Policy

In the last paragraph we stated the following:

“When is Trump going to seize control of US foreign policy instead of letting these war hawks run amok inside his administration? The time for excuses is over Mr President, it is long overdue that you rein in this egregious behaviour. Furthermore it is time Trump’s supporters also begin to ask the same questions and demand answers because this is most certainly not draining the swamp.”

With that in mind we note today the following Reuter’s tweet:

“President Donald Trump defends his choice for the next U.S. spy chief as someone who could ‘rein in’ intelligence agencies that ‘have run amok.’

Is this just a coincidence or is the President of the United States reading the Sirius Report? Furthermore, we have also mentioned those terms in replies to and retweeting Donald Trump’s own tweets, on occasions in the past.






  1. Greetings Paul and Lisa,
    Well he could indeed be reading your reports. I have learned from watching YTer SerialBrain2, that Trump uses Gematria code all the time in his tweets and his speeches. He uses code words as well, just like you suggest. So I am not surprised that he would see your code words and use them. He is not what he appears to be. That's my conclusion after being so disappointed with him, and then finding those YT's about the coding process.

  2. Hard to imagine that Trump's 'handlers', for lack of a better word, would let him anywhere NEAR the Sirius Report for reasons that should be more than obvious, though his particular and very specific choice words noted on his subsequent Twitter feed does lead one to reasonably wonder.
    Equally difficult to imagine would be Trump's reaction to said exposure to the consistently sober, objective analysis that the Sirius report has staked it's solid and well deserved reputation upon, his arrogant, bombastic lack of personal restraint and reticence in most matters quite aside.
    -One hopes, in any event.

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