Is It Time To End The Oversimplification Of Complex Deep State Issues?

There has been for several years an expectation set, with regards to the deep state, which totally oversimplifies what is unfolding as we move along the path towards the new paradigm. We seek to address some of those issues here and why there needs to be an expectation set which better reflects the reality of what is actually unfolding.

When people talk about mass arrests occurring they do not explain the logistics of how that is possible and how you address the fact that the judiciary itself is corrupt. The root and branch of the legal system needs to change before you can begin to address the issue of the individuals who need to be adjudicated. After all, you do not want deep state actors to use the existing legal system to find a loophole to evade adjudication or even prosecution.

We constantly see people clamouring for the financial system to be raised to the ground, but they fail to understand that to do so would implode the very things that their daily lives depend upon. The contagion effect of that scenario is something that no human being on this planet should wish to see unfold. The entire food supply chain depends on it, our energy needs, water and sanitation, never mind our own ability to pay for those services. I will leave those who choose to argue about the efficacy of this system, to reflect on the outcome of that scenario should it indeed occur. There is no doubt that there are major structural problems which need addressing but implosion is not a viable solution.

We have said many times before that humanity does not understand what is required to ensure that we all go to bed at night and wake up in the morning and the world’s equilibrium is more or less maintained. What you read about in the media, mainstream or otherwise, does not even begin to comprehend or address the complexity and magnitude of what that entails. Whilst the paradigm shift is underway we need to be mindful of the need for that equilibrium to be maintained, which may at times require extraordinary measures to ensure it does so.

Many choose to dismiss geopolitical events unfolding across the globe as irrelevant. Nothing could be further from the truth because what is unfolding hundreds and even thousands of miles away is ultimately going to have a huge impact on all our lives, especially in the west.

The notion that the dollar is going to survive, would mean that the deep state is going to retain its grip on the world. A significant reason why it is losing its control and influence is precisely because the world is de-dollarising. The fact that it is the dollar with which they have wielded power for decades and beyond proves that beyond any shadow of doubt.

The dollar has been used to wage wars, implement regime change and sanctions, create economic dictatorships, coerce, bribe and blackmail, finance covert operations, create illusionary political systems and finance institutions to subvert humanity. That is merely the tip of the iceberg. The irony is that it is the deep state’s own abuse of the dollar which has sowed the seeds of their destruction, as we are witnessing now. There is an historical perspective which proves this eloquently, namely that those who seek to undermine the dollar are overthrown and often murdered. That alone proves why the dollar is so important to the deep state because their very existence depends on its survival.

The term deep state rolls off the tongue rather easily but belies the complexity and magnitude of what that entity actually entails. People all too readily imagine that the deep state players they know are the root of the problem and that once they are removed from office and adjudicated that all the problems will disappear with them. The reality is that these are largely irrelevant and merely symbolic of an entity which is controlled by those who no one has ever heard of. History has proved that those who serve the deep state operate like a conveyer belt and they are easily replaced but the well oiled machine keeps moving.

We have consistently said since 2012 that the deep state was in terminal decline but it would be a very long protracted process before their power and influence would diminish to the point that they would lose control. In that regard we have been proven correct, in part because there are no timescales, it is after all an event driven scenario.

The changes that are coming are to some extent beyond our comprehension and largely not in the way that too many people in the alternative media like to portray. There is a reality which needs to be faced, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us feel. To do otherwise is to swap one illusionary reality for another. There is some way to go on this journey and many challenges face humanity before we reach our intended destination. Nations in the west need to understand that political parties and systems have been used to divide and conquer their people for decades and beyond. As the deep states implodes they will seek to use these entities to further that agenda. That is precisely what we are witnessing now as people are polarised precisely at the time when they need to come together and realise who their common enemy is.

We have tracked events with a very high degree of accuracy in recent years and will continue to strive to maintain those high standards. We have never sought to follow popular opinion or current trends because ultimately what matters is to present the stone cold facts and analysis which conveys the truth of what is unfolding. The deep state is imploding but challenges exist in the likes of the US which from our perspective are often being overlooked via a simplistic approach to dealing with a myriad of highly complex and convoluted problems.


  1. Has you said Paul, the dollar is the problem, the quicker it goes the better, the problem,my guess a war, let us hope not.

  2. Asking for feedback makes me feel included in your conversation. That said my first reaction to this piece is that I am best as an observer and sharing. My biggest frustration is the willfull ignorance (quoted by Jim Willie) of the people around me even as all facts are just a click away. Keep on digging out the facts, I'll keep sharing them.


  3. Dear London Paul, if I can call you this as this was your Title when I first found and heard the results of your work, research and information. This piece of work is so timely for me personally because I tend to loose sight that this time, our time, is an event driven Senario and we are being decided by design. Clearly the fall of the Cabal is accelerating because the drive to devide us is accelerating by the day. I don’t believe that I have ever heard you refer to Climate Change in your work but do you think the Cabal are accelerating their devide as we entre the inconvenient truth of a Grand Solar Minimum and a Cooling on Earth that will make a 3 $ Trillion Carbon Tax an almost impossible sell.
    Thank you for what you and those close to you do for the Sirius Report. I have found no other that comes close to provide such logic and argument to our current state in the World. Best regards Peter.

  4. "History has proved that those who serve the deep state operate like a conveyer belt and they are easily replaced but the well oiled machine keep moving."
    I hear about the deep state but have not heard any names mentioned. The term seems as nebulous as the "right-wing conspiracy." Is there a significant overlap deep state and the "military-industrial complex"?

  5. Paul,
    Could you share your view as to what actions would other nations outside the US (like ASEAN) take as the US dollar weakens in the next few years?

  6. "The Washington D. C. Deep State is a group of 8,156 appointed mangers in 75 federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy and tell new political appointees what they can and cannot do. Yes, that’s right, the Deep State is an official government program, well-organized, comprehensive, and “in charge.”

    Out of the 8,156 members who make up this Deep State of ensconced bureaucrats, over 7,000 were appointed by Obama."

    'Deep State' – Shadow Government Revealed... SES, 'Senior Executive Service'
    January 3, 20189.
    For an extensive read go here -

    For a 42min video posted on 4th Jan 2018 =

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