China To Establish World-Class Universities For Innovation Revolution

In yet further evidence that China is leaving no stone unturned as they seek to make giant strides forward in reforms, the Chinese President Xi Jinping is seeking to turn the nation’s universities into world-class institutions.

Xi stated that the precondition of making a university great is to make a nation great. He also suggested that China is continuing to make internal reforms towards a modernised socialist country, urging the younger generations to provide the momentum to ensure these goals are achieved and become the latest significant force in rejuvenating China.

It is clear that Xi places education as a top priority, thanking senior professors for their positive contribution to training outstanding students. He also urged young teachers to learn from the older generation of scholars and to continue to work hard in teaching and scientific research.

Xi also sees innovation as the primary driving force in China’s development and the corner-stone in influencing its core competitiveness. As China looks to position itself as a major technology player in the multipolar world they recognise that self-development and independent innovation are key in that regard.

Furthermore, to support those initiatives, China will accelerate the reform of the science and technology sectors and increase resources, materials and capital to support scientific and technological innovation so as to make greater breakthroughs in many branches of technological development. Xi also recognises the significant role that colleges and universities can play in the scientific and technological revolution via research teams in these institutions.

This is one of many reasons why China is light years ahead in terms of making the necessary reforms to ensure they are prepared for the paradigm shift which is now underway. Education is what will underpin the technological revolution we will see in a post cabal world. Western nations meanwhile continue to fight to hang on to the unipolar world of death, deception, destruction and grand larceny. History will show in decades to come, the failure of those nations to address the real needs of their people at this time, who instead sought to enrich a tiny minority, who have covertly run their governments in perpetuity, under the guise of illusionary party political establishments.

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