Is The Alt Media Always Being Objective and Factual?

There is no doubt that in the last decade or so there has been an awakening amongst people who have come to understand that the world is not what they once imagined it to be. The illusion of governments, economics, finance and banking, to name but a few, has been exposed and increasing numbers of people are beginning to at least question the official narrative. As a result of this we have seen the birth of the alternative media which has sought to address the deficiencies in our understanding and there has been a significant body of work produced, by many individuals and groups, which has been analytical, objective and factual.

However, there has also been the rise of sections of the alt media which lack objectivity, analysis and is anything but factual in its content. It intentionally preys on the sensibilities of people and the gravity and impact of this, as things unfold, is going to be immeasurable and damaging. It is all the more ironic given that is precisely what the mainstream media has been doing for decades.

Its target audience are people who are disaffected and dismayed by a system that they have now come to realise is fundamentally corrupt. They therefore seek to align themselves with things that offer them a way out of this utterly flawed and morally bankrupt governance structure. The problem is that this is not a new phenomenon, it is merely a rehash of the same empty promises of a better future which has been going on in many guises for years. It conveniently bypasses the need for people having to roll up their sleeves and strain every sinew to make their nations a better place.

Paradoxically, what we have witnessed is people swapping belief systems, which they know are flawed, for other belief systems which they hold to be true and are prepared to defend at all costs, especially when articles such as this challenge those beliefs with analytical, objective and factual discourse.

The gravity and impact of what is actually going to unfold is not going to change because of people aligning themselves with belief systems. Furthermore, how often do promises have to come and go, before people seriously question if these claims have any validity? It appears there is largely no basis for accountability in the alt-media and that having a track record of correct analysis and forecasts does not appear to matter. Too many people are attracted to headlines which align with their sensibilities and trigger a feel good feeling, even if when scrutinised they lack substance and objectivity.

The alt-media has also attracted people who seek fame and adulation and that is their primary motivation. There are others who know precisely how to push people’s buttons and to provoke the desired reaction. I have said many times before that we could have chosen an entirely different path and to serve our own interests, but for us it is about having integrity and seeking to present the reality of what is unfolding and never to exploit and prey upon anyone’s sensibilities. Surely we must look to deal with realities rather than expectations based on what we hope will be the outcome?


  1. Definitely fell into this a few years ago. I'm the wiser now. The Sirius Report is a one stop shop for me now.

  2. Paul,
    Trying to explain just the the reserve fractional banking to people, they look at you has if you just landed from the moon, if you wanted to hide somethink put it in front of there nose.

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