Why I Am Fed Up With Much of the Alternative Media

With the rise of the alternative media has come the irreversible waking up to the reality of the true greed and corruption of the financial, political and religious institutions. But this has given way to seemingly unlimited irrational and unfounded ideologies, which are just as misleading as the controlled mainstream media that is so often demonised by members of the alternative community.

The alternative media is rife with self-proclaimed ‘gurus’, ‘teachers’, ‘channellers’ and ‘intel’ providers who in some cases have millions of devoted followers always seeking for the next bit of juicy ‘intel’ or sensationalistic clickbait headlines that prophesize the advent of the New World Order and the mass genocide of two-thirds of the human population through the use of martial law and FEMA concentration camps (that happen to only exist in the United States). Or on the other end of the spectrum, there is the never-ending rhetoric about the so-called prosperity packages and the infamous ‘mass arrests’ and ‘disclosure’ that have been predicted countless times and to this date have never actually come to pass. We are expected to believe that these events have been delayed and interfered with time and again by the enemy, probably for the last twenty years or so. How long will we keep waiting for something before we realise that it was never going to happen in the first place?

Then there is the relentless New Age salvationist belief that higher dimensional benevolent extraterrestrial races will be notifying us of their presence in very short order through mass landings of their spacecrafts and they will be revealing their cosmic teachings and Star Trek technologies to us. And if we are enlightened enough to accept their ideologies then perhaps we will even be welcomed into the larger galactic community and experience a utopian existence with brand new space age technologies. It appears that the human race is incapable of governing itself and deciding its own future. We need our god-like galactic brothers and sisters to lead the way into a new golden age where we will all live happily ever after. Or perhaps this is actually the ultimate plan of the New World Order to orchestrate holographic mass landings to subjugate the population into a One World Religion as their last gasp attempt at maintaining control of the planet for another few thousand years. Either way, there is no hope for humanity to decide its own course and work towards a harmonious multipolar world, because we are deemed too primitive to be able to figure this out on our own.

There are many varying stories that can be found in the alternative media as to the true history of humankind, often seemingly contradictory but hardly ever supported by scientific research. In fact, ‘science’ seems to have become a dirty word within the alternative community. Instead, it seems that intuition, dreams, psychic experiences and proclaimed eye witness accounts have taken precedence and should be regarded more highly than actual tangible documented fact. There is no doubt that conventional science is full of cover-ups and half-truths, but that does not mean that we should dismiss science in its totality. Instead, we should strive towards a more holistic, open-minded approach to scientific research.

Humanity has always had a tendency to jump from one extreme to another and this certainly seems to be the case for a large part of the alternative community. While claiming to be ‘awakened’ to the ‘truth’ and questioning everything that is conventional and mainstream, we seem to have blindly forgotten the fact that even the alternative media can be manipulated or misled and needs to be questioned and criticised as to its validity. It seems as if we have all become so weary with all the deceit and the lies and the mundaneness of our 9 to 5 existence that we are more than willing to latch onto any promise of a better future, however unrealistic and unattainable it may seem. This kind of ‘magical thinking’ seems deeply ingrained in our collective imagination and we desperately cling to it despite the fact that there is no tangible evidence to support such claims. We would rather choose to ignore or dispel the more ‘earthly’ events that are now actually happening in the geopolitical and financial spheres on a daily basis. How much longer will we choose to sedate ourselves with empty promises and otherworldly tales of saviours and instantaneous utopian paradigm shifts before we realise that the multipolar world is being birthed right in front of our very eyes? It may not be quite the way we would like it to be and it may not come overnight, but there is no denying that the changes are well underway and we had better catch up with that reality before it hits us in the face and we will no longer be able to deny it.

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  1. Well said.

    A large portion of the alt-community have gone through a form of ‘Awakening PTSD’ as a result of a personal tragedy or events that force one to see one’s fundamental beliefs from an early age as an illusion and a big lie.

    This PTSD is also resulting in monolithic views where slight disagreements lead to claims of being an NWO agent or shill and other mudslinging that occurs on a regular basis in alt-media forums and comments.

    ‘The Event’ is one of the more popular New Age theories of salvation from an external entity.

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